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Hermen with part of his Morgan collection at home. Picture: Jan Mulder
Over 35 years of dedication have gone into building Hermen Pol's ever growing library about Morgan cars and their history.

This does not limit itself to books only, but also a vast amount of Morgan Factory adverts, Morgan dealer sales literature and adverts, Morgan club magazines from all over the globe, articles and cuttings that have appeared in (car) magazines anywhere, newspapers, you name it.

Of course, an almost complete collection of Morgan four-wheeler Factory sales literature and press packs is an important asset, while a huge and ever expanding database of Morgan (ownership) data is one of the cornerstones for research.

Friends from all over the world have also helped me to build my Morgan collection, provide information when I need it and of course supplied pictures and other contributions to this web site.
The Morgan community must be one of the closest knit one in the classic car world.

History of the site

Late 2009 the original version of this site,, was launched. It enjoyed immediate attention, despite its humble beginnings. The site continued to expand.

At the end of 2011 the sites will be history worldwide. In order to continue to provide the same level of information to Morgan enthusiasts, this site was set up. It combines many things of the original site, with a lot of new information and pictures

I am highly indebted to all the people who provided me pictures or anecdotes to use freely on the site. A chapter which has been expanded considerably before the launch of the site was that of Morgan Personalities. ANY person who wants to share his/her feelings, experiences and pictures with regard to Morgan is wholeheartedly invited to do so. That way the site keeps an attraction for everyone.

Enjoy going through it!
Enthusiast's history

Even without ever owning a Morgan, yours truly has built a vast network, worldwide. These include (multiple) Morgan owners, dealerships and of course the Morgan Motor company itself.

It is of utter importance to prevent possible buyers from pitfalls and keep current owners happy. Each business or person in the Morgan community, be it The Factory, dealers, specialists, clubs, individual Morgan owners, enthusiasts, have their own niche.

Meeting and keeping in touch with all kinds of Morgan addicts from all over the world is what the Morgan hobby is all about.

With every car you learn about or are asked about, more connections to other Morgans owners, past or present, come to the fore.

Starting the predecessor of this site in late 2009 has brought many new and sometimes quite unexpected contacts and created new friendships.
I hope that through this site I can keep helping people enjoying their Morgan hobby, wherever they are.

Having been active at the Morgan Motor Company since 1982, the best testimonial one can get was a quote by Charles Morgan, saying"you too can take some credit for making Morgan what it is today".

Gregory Houston Bowden, pioneer writer of the first in depth Morgan book, followed by several others, including the Factory commisioned one about Morgan's Centenary, remarked: "I have been very much impressed by your new web site. As you know, I regard you as one of the greatest scholars of the Morgan in the world and I know for certain that anyone coming to you for advice or information will receive highly accurate and valuable data from you. I certainly found all the information you gave me during the preparation of my books to be outstandingly useful and accurate.Your depth of knowledge is remarkable."

W. Garrett Capune, Morgan collector of 50 years standing, and owner of the Morgan Memorabilia museum, wrote as a reaction to an investigation/ valuation of his literature:What you did is perfect . . .even better than what I expected !

The second generation of a leading Dutch Morgan-family had this to say:

Congratulations on your website, Hermen, well done! I hope many Morgan owners will find their way to you now with their searches or history queries.
You have been a very big help for me in the past, so keep up the good work for other people! Always been worth every penny! Best wishes, Jochem Kentgens

Very brief, but also very flattering, was the comment made by Julia Woolgar:"Hermen , As I said before your web site is exemplary and so easy to use you are one in a million. Julia."


Jim Nichol, one of the Morgan 3/4 Group mainstays, wrote this about the revamped site: I've just wandered through your site from Home to Contact Us and I must say, I am impressed! To give the site justice would take hours, and I look forward to spending much time doing just that!

Well known American Morganeer, author of several Morgan books and undoubtedly the person who shot the most Morgan pictures,John H. Sheally II, wrote: Our Morgan Historian, Hermen Pol, has revamped  his Morgan web site and it is quite nice with more profiles and effects that I really enjoy. The slide shows that can be viewed  with the wheel spinning in the background are quite nice or one can select full frame views on your computer. The pages of endless history of the Morgan models , factory and 360 degree views of the Despatch Bay is the OWLs eye view and I hope you all know the story of the Owl in the rafters at MMC.  
The years of Morgan competitions are well represented as well as clubs , books, regalia,Morgans 100 years and New Generation Morgans are well covered for all to enjoy. Congratulations Hermen and keep it coming for all of us to use and enjoy. Salute, John H. Sheally II

Former chairman of the Morgan Sports Car Club Holland, Wolter J. Aalders, who uses his Morgans less than he used to, wrote: Worthy Hermen, with a lot of respect and appreciation I watched your site. Great..... The warm feelings from the past are back again. Herefor my heartfelt thanks.
The ex-Factory Aeromax, then owned by Brian Voakes, participated in the Centenary concours in Cheltenham.
Brian Voakes, who has been a Morgan owner for many years and involved in running another Morgan site, wrote: Firstly, congratulations on the new site Hermen. Whilst the original one was a labour of love, the new site brings it to a different level of professionalism and there is really nothing like this resource anywhere else in the Morgan world. I will return to it time and time again, as it is such a valuable source of information and presented in such a readable and interesting way.

Long time American Morganeer Rich Larrick, who has been part of the Morgan community for ages and whose technical and historical knowledge is immense, wrote, after seeing the site:Hi Hermen,
The new website is fantastic. Many thankx for the hours that you have put into it. I'll be going back to it from time to time to see if there any updates.

German Morgan-owner George H-Cologne wrote:This website is highly recommended to anybody with even a remote interest in the history of the Morgan Motor Company, its products and the people behind it.
Hermen has not only the knowledge to create and maintain such a website but also the passion to share it with everybody without any commercial interest

Please enjoy!