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Morgan Agents in Holland

One of the Series I 4/4s imported by Croes & Co. It's owned by Paul Haas.

Even in a small country like Holland, the Morgan Motor Company has had its agency for many years. Before World War II, Morgan got its agency in Hilversum/Bussum, named N.V. Croes & Co. They sold some three-wheelers, but mainly Series I 4/4s, some of which in "chassis only" form. Several of these Series I 4/4s still survive in Holland. The yellow/black car shown here is one of them.

For a while it was rather silent in Holland with regard to Morgan sales. Some cars were imported individually in the 1950s.

In 1960 the well known Opel-dealer Dries Jetten, also of Tulip Rallye fame, visited the Morgan Factory. He agreed with Peter Morgan that his firm could become a Morgan-agency and in fact got one Plus Four delivered. However, soon after he got a letter from the Morgan Motor Company, stating that they were awfully sorry, but they had discovered that there already wàs an agency in Holland for them!

The earliest known piece of -Dutch- sales literature for Morgan, issued by Louwman & Parqui/ BV NIMAG. It's an A5 size card, with Dutch text and specifications on the rear.This agency was N.V. Louwman & Parqui, who have sold many makes of cars over the years. Currently they are responsible for the import other makes of cars, like Toyota and Suzuki.

For the Morgan (and later also TVR) agency a special company was created, who still carries the Morgan flag over here: B.V. NIMAG. In the 1960s many Morgans were sold through Holland to American servicemen, stationed in Germany. Many of those still survive, some of them still with the original owner!

In the early 1970s Morgan sales to Dutchmen themselves started to pick up. A boom in Morgan sales happened in the late 1970s/early 1980s. After that a steady flow of Morgan sales, both new and second hand, kept the business rolling.

B.V. NIMAG is located centrally in the country, which make them an attractive proposition for Morgan owners who come from other parts. Under the inspiring leadership of Wouter Dekker, the Morgan business has definitely improved. The firm has a good relationship with the Morgan Sports Car Club Holland and several of their meetings either are held there or have a starting/ intermediate point at their premises.

The Morgan Motor Company had sent over the 4/4 Sport Y 100 MMC, which was the main prize in the Centenary raffle, to show it in the NIMAG premises, during the 2009 New Year's Meeting.

The picture at the left was taken during their traditional New Year's Meeting in January 2009

NIMAG invite owners/enthusiasts of bothe Morgan and TVR every year again, a tradition which was established in the1970s.

There's always a good selection of second hand Morgans in beautiful condition, while they even maintain a stock of some new models!

During 2010 the premises of NIMAG changed. The front of the showroom, where Morgan and TVR used to be, was devoted to their Japanese make, while the British makes got a nostalgic looking showroom at the back.

Wouter Dekker provided a set of photos, some of which are show here. NIMAG were keen to go to Geneva early 2011 and since have managed to sell a number of new three-wheelers. The sale of traditional models also carries on.

The new showroom makes one think of the Morgan Factory and NIMAG has a good selection of Morgans available.

The website of B.V. NIMAG can be visited at