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Brian Watts

Brian is a very long time member of the Morgan Three Wheeler Club and gives himself not enough credit, as he is one of the leading historians when it comes to Morgan three-wheelers. It was he who wrote the first book about Morgan three-wheelers, over 40 years ago. His book "The Three-Wheeler, story of The Morgan" is still a very good reference work.
What follows is his own story:

The first Morgan ever owned by Brian Watts, the 1922 Deluxe. The car still exists.
I knew there were Morgan three-wheelers, but, I knew very little about them. One summer evening in 1950 when I was 16 years old, I was walking along  the main street of Yate, near the City of Bristol. I heard and saw the 1939 MX4 engined Super Sports of Mr Green go past. It was wonderful and for sale at £165. I could not imagine so much money as I earned £13 a month as an office junior.

When I was 20 years old I sat in my office reading the Bristol Evening Post. When my girlfriend appeared, I explained we were now going to view a Morgan which was for sale in the newspaper. I expected a bit of a wreck for £15. The 1922 De Luxe with 980cc watercooled J.A.P. turned out to be very sound having been put in store 1939. I soon had it running well.

There was a lovely winding back road route from the village where I lived into the middle of Bristol, so going 10 miles to work was a delight. 50mph (80 kph) and 65mpg (1 litre per 21.2 kms). The Morgan would soar up a 1 in 4 hill, if it arrived in top (i.e. second)  gear. I went on holiday through Devon and Cornwall and it was so reliable.

Alas, I was eventually seduced by a Super Sports J.A.P. of 1933. A gap and then another the same. Rescued and passed on a 1932 boat tailed Family and 1935 MX Family. I rescued a Super Sports Aero chassis with 8 valve aeroplane Anzani engine allied to a GN chassis. These were followed by a 1937 Super Sports MX4,  a 1934 Super Sports and a 1948 F4. Now I have an F Super.
The late Derek Evans Super Sports Aero with Blackburne engine.
Back in 1956 Derek Evans talked to me about the technical side and history. He worked at the Morgan factory and he and his brother were dedicated to the marque. He had a 1928 Super Sports Aero with a KMC Blackburne sports engine. Said to be good for over 50bhp. Most, if not all, of the Morgans which Derek used to own are still going strong.
Brian Watts' current mount: a Morgan F Super.A memorable moment was being flat out going down into Woodcote corner on the Silverstone racing circuit. My passenger assumed that as it was before the actual race, she need not hang out behind me. Without the needed weight the drivers side front wheel rose high into the air. I kept it there as I tried to flatten out the bend. I was only just able to bring down the wheel before I ran out of road!  The next time I saw rows of cameras at the ready, but, had no wish to repeat the hair raising event.

Not being an engineer by trade, I do some casting and make parts on my lathe. I have enjoyed restoring Morgans,but the important part is for them to be in good condition, reliable and smart, never over restored.

For the Morgan Three Wheeler Club I have been Group Organiser a couple of times, Technical Adviser for twins and Club representative on the Auto Cycle Union General Committee.