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Centenary Cavalcade

Part of the program on Friday the 31st of July was a scenic run from Malvern to Cheltenham, for 100 selected Morgans: the Centenary Cavalcade. This was organised by Brands Hatch Morgans and started from the parking lot in front of the Visitor's Centre.


Morgans from literally everywhere had come to join in the fun. The longest-distance-traveled award certainly went to this white +4 Super Sports, which had been shipped all the way from New Zealand. Owner Jeff Williams had come over together with his son and they enjoyed themselves immensely.

For this +4 Super Sports it was like coming home again. It was the very first +4 Super Sports ever built and had been sold when new through the then Malvern agency for Morgan, Bowman & Acock. They still used the original Factory premises at Worcester Road, then.

The Cavalcade was run in 10 groups of 10 Morgans, running a lovely route over small roads through the Midlands, with enthusiastic crowds cheering and waving along the route. This experience alone pleased many of its participants, while it was really just the take off!

Both before the start and after the finish of the cavalcade, there was plenty of opportunity for the owners and enthusiasts to have a look at the cars, exchange their experiences, rave about all they saw. Once in Cheltenham there also was a surprise act for all people present!

This will be shown on another page of the site...


Here's just a small impression of the interest the Morgans generated along the route. Both general public and Morgan owners who did not participate in the cavalcade were waving at cheering at those who were lucky enough to be in.

If any of those onlookers or readers of the site have nice pictures to share, please send them along!

In more or less age order, the participating cars left the parking lot in front of the Visitor's Centre. Of course, the V-twin three-wheelers drew many admiring eyes ..... and ears!

Someone who has been around the Morgan scene for at least half of the Centenary is good old (T.) Dixon Smith, who is about to join the cavalcade here in his trusty +4 4-seater Drophead Coupé (aka Snob Mog). Mind you, Dixon himself is not a snob at all!!