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Centenary at Factory

Matyn Webb, the Factory archivist, owns this nice flat rad +4. He parked it at the entrance to the Visitors' Centre for the occasion

Preparations for the Centenary started years before the actual events took place and a good number of Morgan employees and directors were involved in it. To coordinate many things, a man with experience was hired temporarily: Malcolm Lamb, former chairman of the Morgan Sports Car Club. He had been involved in organising several big Morgan events before.

Being such an exceptional happening, one not only counted with a large number of attendants at the events themselves. Many Morganeers came from far away places, even shipped over (one of) their Morgan(s) for the event.

Peter Morgan in the 1960s. Photo Morgan Motor Company collection

The expected influx of visitors at the Factory premises was enormous. The reception, which is well able to cope with the usual number of visitors, was due to be overwhelmed, so a temporary solution was looked for and found in the building behind the Factory parking place, which used to be a social club for former servicemen. This building was hired for the occasion, redone entirely and made into a place where people could rest a while, have a look at a small museum of Morgan history of course purchase a large supply of different Morgan goodies. This was called the Morgan Visitor Centre.


Extra staff was hired to man this Visitor Centre, such as former receptionist Andrea Masterman. The Visitor Centre was such a success, that it was decided to make it a permanent feature. The buildings, which were extended, house the Sales department, the Reception, Regalia Sales and a meeting room with ample space and a bar that can be hired for any occasion.

The most important person who was dearly missed by many was of course Peter Morgan, whose greatest wish it was to make it to Morgan's Centenary. After all, his direct involvement with the Morgan Motor Company lasted no less than 57 years! He never really retired and kept coming to The Factory virtually until the day he passed away.

The banner with the official Morgan centenary logo. This logo was also reflected in car badges and other centeneary regalia.

The sign as the displayed on this banner at the entrance to the Visitor's Centre was the official logo for the Centenary. It could of course also be acquired in the form of several regalia items, such as (pin) badges, shirts, you name it.


The passion for the Morgan marque was enormous, as for a long time all Factory guided tours were fully booked.

Martyn Webb, who had written an excellent book about the history of Malvern and Morgan up to about 1920, was the official tour guide, but soon could not cope on his own. Several assistants were hired for the occasion.

This Aeromax had a light blue paint job, while its interior was as green as fresh grass!The place which always attracts lots of interest is the Despatch Bay. This year it was extra special, because the delivery of the Aeromax was in full swing and they could be seen in virtually every corner of The Factory.


This particular example drew extra attention. It was painted a very bright white, while its upholstery was as green as grass!! Many Aeromaxes are rather dark of colour, which makes this really stand out.


Even though The Factory has undergone many changes over the years, the place which has changed the least is the Despatch Bay. All the pictures pinned on the wall, sent by owners from all over the globe are still there, as is the banner 'My Heart Belongs to Morgan', shown in the background left.


A very neat Sports two-seater, whose owners visited The Factory.

The parking lot at The Factory also showed a variety of models to the visitors. This lovely barrel back two- seater received a lot of interest when it was parked on the slope next to the Aero 8 Shop.
But....... what was this mysterious Aero 8 in police livery doing, next to the stores???

Would it be that either a German, Swiss or Austrian police team needed a quick car and decided to go for something out of the ordinary?????

It wouldn't be the first police car in Morgan's 100 year history in any case! It was fully equipped with siren, flashing light and all the rest of it.
A striking car, to say the least. More of this special Aero 8 will be seen elsewhere!