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Competing in Morgan Three-wheelers

The history of Morgan three-wheelers in all kinds of competition events is extensive. Jake Alderson and Dennis Rushton devoted an impressive, interesting tome to it. All one can do here is show some highlights.

HFS Morgan and his wife Ruth rounding a bend in the ACU Six Days Trial in 1913. The road surface was not exactly smooth... Photo Morgan Motor Company collection
The first form of competition with which Morgan earned fame were the trials.
These were speed events -sometimes spread out over several days- in which the reliability of one's (cycle)car needed to be proved.

The surfaces over which these were run were often steep and mostly rough.

Morgan excelled in these events, winning many gold medals, not only in the hands of HFS, but also Morgan owners.

Here HFS and Ruth are on their way to winning a Gold medal in the ACU (Auto Cycle Union) Six Days Trial of 1913. This provided good publicity for the company.

HFS about to start his almost magical run. This picture appeared on the cover of the leading magazine "The Cyclecar". Behind the car in top hat is George Morgan, while the man on the right smoking a pipe is the famous Brooklands time keeper A.V. Ebblewhite. Picture from Morgan Motor Company collectionRecord breaking

Also in this area of competition HFS showed the capabilities of his own products. After raising the one-hour record several times between a GWK and Morgan, HFS remained a couple of hundreds of yards short of the magical 60 mph mark in December 1912. Yet, this record was to stay for some time and again gave Morgan a lot of attention in the press.

Yet, HFS was not the only person who became famous for breaking records in a Morgan three-wheeler.

A remarkable lady, best known under the name Gwenda Stewart (she had a few other surnames, as she married several times) started her activities in the late 1920s. Gwenda in her record-breaking JAP-engined Super Aero with a lowered body at Montlhéry in France. Photo Morgan Motor Company collection

She soon passed the 100mph mark in flying start attempts of 5 kilometers and 5 miles of length.

Yet her most hair raising record in a Morgan three-wheeler was in a 1096cc single-seater at Arpajon, also in France.

This was a small road, lined by trees, where she reached a speed of no less than 115.66 mph (186.14 kph) over the flying kilometre!  It really took courage to do this.