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Several tomes about Morgan competition history have been written and in fact still are being written. It simply is impossible to catch these successes within a limited size website.

Of course, high points in Morgan four-wheeler racing history are the entries at Le Mans in 1938, 1939, 1962, 2002 and 2004. There was one more Morgan racing at Le Mans, in 1952, but it didn't make it very far.

That doesn't say that other successes are of less importance. The current series of FIA GT 3 races are highly successful too, so Morgan competition history continues to be made.

Morgan astonished many of its higher ranked competitors by winning several GT3 races in 2009. Photo Morgan Motor Company collection


The same goes for people who are active in historic car racing anywhere on the globe. Naming one or two doesn't diminish the appreciation one can have for those who are not mentioned.

Keith Ahlers takes his +4 Super Sports and SLR Morgan to many important historic racesThe Curborough Sprint has been on the Morgan Sports Car Club calendar for a very long time, but hasn't lost its attraction


One person who has been and still is very successful in different forms of racing with his Morgans is Keith Ahlers. He provides a link with the past -major- Morgan success, as one of the Morgans he happens to own is the car which won its class at Le Mans in 1962, TOK 258. It is shown here during the Centenary in Cheltenham.


A far smaller scale race, but not less frantic, is the annual Morgan Sports Car Club organised Curburough Sprint, at a former airfield. People who participate here usually travel from track to track in England and have their own championship and go to their extremes within their budgets. It is well worth visiting such an event. The friendship amongst the drivers outside the track is completely opposite to their enthusiasm and dedication once let loose on the track!


Each form of Morgan competition, be it high or low budget racing, trialing, rallying, etc., has its own charm. All these competitors do what Morgans are made for: driving them to the edge.