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Edi Stampfel
Germany has its fair share of people with a real devotion to Morgan. Among them is Edi Stampfel, whose current job in the Morgan Club Deutschland is being editor of the bi-annual high class club magazine, Morgan Post. Edi tells us about his experiences over the years.

  • what raised your interest in Morgans and when was this;

In the middle of the 70s I saw in Dusseldorf a Morgan cruising the old town. Beside the driver sat a very pretty looking girl and the driver had a black cat on his shoulder. It looks very funky and I was impressed. Next time to meet Morgan was the story in the magazine “TWEN” and “Auto, Motor und Sport”.

  • What was the first Morgan you owned?

Several years later in 1979, I saw an advertisement in “Auto, Motor und Sport” in which a Morgan was offered. It was an ivory coloured 4/4 with the Kent engine. I bought the car and drove it 3 years.

  • Which Morgans you have owned over the years?

My second Morgan was a +8, it was a new one and I bought the car from the German dealer Flaving 1n 1982. This car was fitted with Stromberg carbs and I changed this to Carter carbs and a Grebenstein exhaust. This car runs still in German Morgan Club.

In 1995 I bought my third Morgan, a +8, RHD from Rick Bourne, Brands Hatch Morgans.

In 2004 I bought a 35th Anniversary +8 with 2000 miles on the clock from Libra Motive in London. Two weeks later, Libra Motive closed the doors because of insolvency. However  this did not have an impact on me, I had paid all the bills ;-) . This +8 is still my own and in 2009 it got a brother with a brand new Aero 8, Series 4 with automatic gearbox. The Aero comes from Station Garage Taplow near London and it is a RHD.

Edi Stampfel at speed
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  • What gives you the most pleasure of the Morgan hobby?

The greatest pleasure is the friendship with people all over the world and of course driving the car on small country roads or on a trackday.

  • How has your involvement with Morgan developed?

As far as is admitted by my jobwise time, I was always strongly involved in the german Morgan-Club scene. From 1983 on for 9 editions I was the editor of the german club magazine Morgan Post and from 2007 until today I hold the job a second time.

  • What do you consider to be your personal high point with regard to Morgan?

Because I drive almost every day with one of my Morgans, I also have every day personal high points with Morgan.

  • Is there anything you personally wish for on the Morgan front?

My personal wish is that Morgan is still in 100 years a small but fine manufacturer for special cars and secondly that there is still always a crazy group of people which raises the passion for such cars.