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A: FAQ is an acronym for "frequently asked questions."

Q: What do you want to achieve with this site?
A: Make any kind of historical information about the Morgan marque accessible to anyone.

Q: Have you finished filling the pages you wanted to show?
A: No, updating the site is a continuous process.

Q: Who decides what is going to be published on the site?
A: Any subject re Morgan history can be tackled. Requests and suggestions by readers are always welcome.

Q: Can I also make a contribution to the website?
A: Of course! Any contribution is welcome. See for example the chapter on Morgan personalities. But pictures and specific information are always welcome too

Q: Why should I have the history of my own Morgan researched and documented?
A: Morgans have become more valuable and not all Morgans are genuine. It makes sense to know this beforehand. Once sure of the car's past a well researched document increases the resale value.

Q: How do you work when researching the history of a Morgan?
Q: How long does it take to research and document the history of my Morgan?
A: That depends on various factors: the amount of documentation with the car, cooperation of previous owners/ garages, age of the car, sometimes a little luck. Projects are taken on at a first-come-first-served basis. It can take two years, or even more, depending on the background of the car. Therefore, the most important condition of taking on a project for anyone is PATIENCE.

Q: What is the size of the eventual document, once the research has been completed?
A: This depends upon the fact whether a car has racing (or other special) history, or not. Usually a bookwork of 50 - 100 pages is the result, sometimes even more.
A: In order to give a file a comprehensive look, it is nice to add contemporary road tests, factory (and dealer) brochures and adverts, later publications about the type involved. A spare collection of such items is available and particular items wished will be looked for.
A: No, even though it's done in spare time, a well researched document costs many hours of research. Apart from that, the materials have to be paid for too.
A: The work comes with a warranty that if additional material/photos are discovered after the job has been completed - and you still own the car - this will be passed on.
Q: Can you help to find out a missing chassis number?
A: Yes,but solely if you provide as many other details of the car in question and these are matching.

Q: Can you help me find or sell any Morgan regalia?
A: You can provide me with a "wanted list" or alternatively put a wanted advert on the site. The same goes for regalia you want to sell. Prices depend on quantity and time.

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