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Factory Before and After Changes

Bay before changeBay after changeCurrent production process
Offices/Stores1 1/11-
Despatch Bay227
Chassis Erecting Shop331
Wood Shop664
Sheet Metal Shop553
Paint Shop49 5
Machine Shop77-
Upholstery/Trim/ Final Finish/ Test886
Wing & Body Shop- 42
Aero 8 Shop-10 Part of final finish/test
Stores1 11-

During the 1990s and early years of this century several investments were made, as well as changes in the production process initiated.

These made the production more effective both in terms of cost and time.


First a new spray hall was built, across the slope, above the trim shop. Here the spray process complied with the modern standards required, while the spraying of cars happened separately, in a dust free environment, which didn't interrupt with other parts of the production.


Another hall was built with a view to concentrate on the production of the Aero 8. In practice this also turned out to become an extension to the final finish/test department.


The scheme drawn below refers to the different bays, seen from the Pickersleigh Avenue, according to current production process (after change).












The experimental department, reception and repair shop have not been included in the scheme.

Instead of outside, the partially finished cars are now pushed inside from hall to hall, down a gentle slope, which gives far less hassle.

The production process has also become more effective, in that many parts are now bought in laser cut. They only require some final adjustments before being ready to fit the car.


Whereas formerly own department had to wait for the other to finish, if the production did not go entirely parallel, this is no longer the case now. Each department produces its own stock of parts, which are taken off the shelves to fit to the cars.

Every Morgan of the same type now has exactly the same measurements and tolerances as the other. Therefore, the result of various individual departments is brought together in the wing & body shop. There a large part of the assembly is now done.


Spraying is also done more effectively, the loose parts being sprayed before being fitted. All in all, the production is more effective, more constant and can easier be adapted to increasing demand than before.


Since the new three-wheeler has been taken into production again, the Machine Shop has been reduced drastically. A big part of this hall is now used for producing this model.