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Fergus Motors, New York

Prior to World War II solely the occasional Morgan set foot on American shores. Post war this would change drastically.

There were two reasons for this:
1. American servicemen stationed in Europe had discovered what fun a Morgan could be;
2. Due to the shortage of steel export sales got preference.

One of the first agencies for Morgan in the U.S.A. was Fergus Motors (aka Fergus Fine Cars or Fergus Imported Cars) in New York. Of Irish origin, the Ferguson family had been in the U.S.A. for a long time. They were pioneers when it came to motoring. Not only did they buy and sell cars, for a brief period they even built their own high class car. This did not become a commercial success.
The Fergus showrooms at Broadway, New York. Outside a Morgan +4 and a Daimler are parked.

Fergus sold many different makes of -mainly European- cars, such as Wartburg, Siata, Cisitalia, Daimler, MG, Singer the occasional Triumph and Jaguar and of course MORGAN!
The above picture was taken in front of their New York showrooms.
All cars (both new and second hand) sold by Fergus were equipped with a plaque, engraved with their own "stock number". As these numbers were also allocated to all the other cars they sold, it is a big puzzle to find out which stock number went with a Morgan (or other car sold by them). Many of these plaques also have been lost over the years.
In some cases, registration authorities in different states use this number, rather than the chassis number, to provide a title with the car, as it is easy to locate. With a Morgan it is fitted (with screws!) to the left hand side of the tool box under the bonnet.

Over the years I have been in contact with many people who were kind enough to assist me in my search for Fergus stock numbers. These were not solely Morgan-owners, but also leading members of clubs devoted to cars sold by Fergus.

One of the people who supplied me data and pictures was Peter McKercher of the Singer Club. Fergus did sell more than the odd number of Singer cars as well.
That means that the hunt for information about Fergus sold Singers is on as well.

On the left appear two pictures of a twin carburetted Singer 4AD, kindly supplied by Peter McKercher. It's owned by a man with the apt surname of Singer!More information about Singer cars related to Fergus can be found on the club site:

The script on the boot lid is identical to the one in the small picture below.

Fergus sold Morgans like hot cakes in the 1950s, but during the 1960s sales dwindled slowly. By 1968 the end of the firm was there.

John H. Sheally II
kindly supplied me with pictures of both a Fergus plaque, with stock number engraved, as well as one of a Fergus script badge, fitted to the rear panel. These are shown below.
There still must be many "untraced" Fergus sold cars about, so if you happen to own one, or know about one, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. I am most curious to know about them and about the accompanying "stock number".

If the plaque no longer is there, the number may come forward on sales bills that have survived. Any piece of Fergus history is most welcome.

Please join also the Facebook page "Fergus Motors sold cars", which is made especially for all people owning a car sold by Fergus, or who's interested in the background about this garage.

Over here follow a few pictures of early post world war II Jaguars sold by Fergus. The one on the left, of which the Fergus plaque appears above, is a very low mileage 1947 3 1/2 litre Saloon.

This is now in Holland, in the area where the tulips grow.

Another surviving Jaguar sold through Fergus is a very similar model, a 1948 1 1/2 Litre Saloon. Also this is in original condition, although it comes complete with patina!

Very close to Fergus (1741 vs 1717 Broadway) was another garage involved in selling Singer and -so they claimed- also Morgan and other cars: Vaughan Motors. Of the Morgan cars I haven't been able to find any evidence.

On the left appears a scan of a small promotional folder they used in the early 1950s. After this card was published, Vaughan was absorbed by Fergus.



Many Morgan owners -but also of other makes sold through Fergus- know part of the history of their car. Yet even the most essential proof of the sale of the car through this New York garage, the plaque showing  the Fergus stock number, is missing, or better went missing over the years.
This early Plus 4 two-seater, owned by Perry Nuhn, was also supplied by Fergus when new. The original plaque went missing.
There is hope for the owners of Fergus cars without a plaque! An American Morgan-owner, whose plaque was missing too, has taken the initiative to produce reproduction plaques.
These plaques can be used in the following cases:
  • to replace an existing plaque which got damaged over time and became difficult to read. This will be provided with the original number engraved.
  • to offer owners of Fergus supplied cars an opportunity to have at least a plaque in their, which reminds of the garage that sold it. This will come without number. If at a later stage it is discovered though historic research which number belonged to the car, it can still be engraved.
  •  to offer any people with an interest in cars sold through Fergus the possibility to purchase a plaque, for their collection.


Numbers will not be engraved in the plaque until there is at least 99.99% certainty about the correctness of the number.


The reproduction Fergus plaque avaialble now.

This is the plaque which has become available now.


If you are interested in getting such a plaque, they are NOW AVAILABLE!


The cost per plaque is USD 60,

postage per plaque is USD 3, world wide

If paid per PayPal an extra USD 2 will be charged


To order a copy, or ask for information, please drop a line to