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Image by John H. Sheally II
This page is open to contributions from ANYONE! If you have a lovely picture, featuring (part of) a Morgan, whether the car in question belongs to you or not, please feel free to send in your picture(s) to It will be shown here for others to enjoy.
Plus 4 Super Sports 208 FOJ at the Morgan Centenary, in special effect. This picture also appears in the glossy photobook "Morgan +4 Super Sports at the Morgan Centenary" of which a few copies are available.

Whether you have a picture of a Morgan three-wheeler, old or new, four-wheeler, old or new, the Morgan works, a Morgan in a lovely setting, a nice detail picture, everything is considered.
Show others your photographic talents!
Many thanks in advance for your contributions.
A snail's view of a former Works Aero Max, AR 08 MMC, during the Morgan Centenary. 
Photo: Vittorio Moreno
A long time Morgan owner and enthusiast is Duncan Charlton from the USA. He was the first person to respond positively to the request for pictures from the readers. And some nice views he produced. Thanks Duncan!
Duncan Charlton also tried flying in his +8! A lovely view those birds have.Duncan uses his Morgan on road and track. The car with the cycle type wings and the Union Jack is his race Plus 4, the black & white one his +8.
A country where a Morgan is a real rarity still is Rumania. There are less than a dozen Morgans in the entir country, but their owners are dedicated enthusiasts.
One of them is Tibor Jakab, who sent in a series of pictures of his 4/4. This pictures is one of them. Other pictures of him will be used elsewhere.

Long time Dutch Morganeer Paul Swarts has driven many miles in his Morgans over the years. He belongs to a group of owners, the "Molenschot Group",  who are known for their long journeys, in no matter what weather.
The picture below was taken during their most recent outing in 2012, in Austria, in ferocious weather.
Their pleasure still knew no bounds!