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Hedwig Rodijns

What raised your interest in Morgans and when was this?


The father of one of my “girl friends” owned the first +8 in Belgium, back in 1969. I was around 20 years of age then and of course I liked the Morgan more than the girl…

I didn’t marry her in the end, but a lifelong hate/love relationship with Morgan resulted from this. The +8 still remains in the same family, but now sports a chassis and body supplied by Belmog…


How haHedwig under way in the Winter Trial, over his favorite surface, in his Plus 8s your involvement with Morgan developed?   

Shortly after marrying her, I discovered that Nicole also loved Morgans. This resulted in "giving birth" to chassis number B 1964, a 3 years old 4/4 Competition Model.  It still survives in Belgium and has received a number of Belmog parts over the years.


Which Morgans have you owned over the years?


If you really want to know all of them, I’ll have to look it up, but it more or less went as follows:

1972: 1969  4/4, sold around  1978 verkocht after very intensive use;

1978: ordered new 4/4 4-seater, waiting for nearly two years, but in the meantime purchased a used 1978 4/4;

1979 September: the 4/4 4-seater  was delivered, very bad quality, therefore soon problems. Fortunately, we still had the 1978 4/4, but we sold that in December 1979. The next owner totalled it a few weeks after purchase. The wreck was sold to Holland, rebuilt, and as far as I’m aware still driving around there.

+/- 1985: Acquired the Matchless Family three-wheeler. It was sold in 2009 to a new owner in Switzerland and now is climbing the Mountains there!

1989: red +8 PI purchased (used, built in 1988). Around  2004 sold with 160.000 kms on the odometer, to a happy Frenchman.

For a short while we also had a 4/4 4 seater, now belonging to Jan Convents.

Nicole Rodijns posing next to the F Type during the terribly hot Micro Marathon in Spain1993: Yellow F super 1939 purchased for classic rallying. Sold and still participates in rallies  (luxury ones of the more expensive class). Now sports black wings.

1994: Series One 4/4, 1936,  aqcuired for restoration. Sold in the meantime and rebuilt by following  Belgian owner to concours standards. Apparently for sale at present in Holland

1995: added the Blue 1928 Super Aero to our stable. We still have it.

1996: Red +8 1970 purchased, still with us.

2001:I presumed to have acquired 2 F types in cardboard boxes. One of these was finished 8 years later by myself and currently is being used for rallying. The other one was sold and as far as I’m aware still is divided in cardboard boxed, in Switzerland!

2008: Series One purchased, for which I received the “papers” belonging to Peter Morgan’s V8 Series One prototype around 17 years ago. This one is bound to be growling again within a time span of a few months, featuring a Ford V8 60 down at front! Peter would have loved to hear and see how the dream of his youth would come back to life again. Solely the idea itself he already he found fantastic!


2011: with our most recent Factory visit, we tasted a little of the new three-wheeler. For a moment we toyed with the idea to sell our Super Aero and replace it by a new trike. This was immediately discouraged by the Morgan factory salesman. He did not see the point of replacing the one by the other! 

At this moment there is not a single Morgan on my wish list and certainly none of their new products!


Morgans currently owned by us, all registered and insured for road use:

1928 Super Aero – 1937 F2 – 1939 Series one V8 – 1970 +8 - 1979 4/4 4 seater (the only car we ever purchased new!).

 Hedwig's latest aqcuisition: a JAP engined Super Sports, found near his home!

Soon after completing his original story, Hedwig discovered a “new” three wheeler near his home! He then added: Our (racing) stable has just been expanded with a 1932 Super Sports trike with a water cooled JAP engine. It did only 2 kms since a full restoration! Complete surprise, this lucky find, within 35 kms from our home! It’s still on the trailer and needs to be inspected carefully. The engine hasn’t turned for 5 years. It was not cheap, but was cheap for what it is…


What do you consider the nicest aspect of the Morgan hobby (with you turned into profession)?


Driving though weather and wind, over snow and ice, only then the Morgan is also happy!

No bother about a possible scratch here or there! If the Morgan gets damaged, it will be rebuilt. If we get damaged ourselves, playing time is over!


The problem of turning one’s hobby into a profession is that one is left without a hobby… Yet, there are worse professions!


Which Morgan do/did you enjoy the most of the ones you owned over the years and why?


Definitely an F type three wheeler. Far more useful than a Super Sports trike and at least as reliable as a new Morgan!

What do you rate as your personally nicest/most important/most remarkable performance in a Morgan?


The large number of European travels and small international Morgan events. Formerly speed rally’s and now speed rally’s with the excuse of regularity rally’s. The longer and the further, the better! The nicest rally was the Micro Marathon 2009: 2500 kms against the clock through a sultry hot Spain in a Morgan F Type.

 Liège-Brescia-Liège 2010, where the F-type of Hedwig and Nicole Rodijns beat much more modern and powerful machineryThe most memorable win was Liège-Brescia-Liège 2010: 3.500kms against the clock with far younger Fiat Abarth’s and Mini Coopers as competitors and despite being the only pre-war starter we came home with an ‘overall win’, thanks to Nicole as navigator. Of course everything in a 1937 Morgan F2   type three-wheeler, 933cc with at least 23hp!


In second spot comes the Monte Carlo Historique 1994: 3,500 kms in 4 days over snow and ice, resulting in a third place in the pre-war class.



What do you hope to achieve with regard to Morgan?


Turn 85 years of age and still be healthy enough to drive around in an F-type trike!


Perhaps a little earlier I want to drive over land from Cape to Cape, i.e. from the North Cape to Gibraltar, with the V8 60 Series One. I had a look at a map and this cannot be very difficult, as it is virtually straight, all the way down!