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The history of this 4/4 Drophead Coupé was also researched and reported on. The extensive report has moved on with the car to the two owners the car had after the report was written.
Complete or brief history files

With second hand (and new) Morgans becoming more valuable, it is worth the trouble to have the history of your own Morgan well sorted out and documented. This can serve several purposes:

  • it makes for nice reading!
  • at car shows, such as club meetings or concours events, you have something to show other people that your Morgan is not just a run of the mill car;
  • for certain car events, a well researched history is a necessity;
  • you are certain that the identity of your car is correct and that other cars claiming the same identity are at least suspicious;
  • in case of an accident, it helps to establish value of your Morgan;
  • whenever the time comes to sell your car, you will have a document to support its resale value.

These history files are not just a few pages put together. Every car is researched individually and therefore no history file is the same.

Depending on how "eventful" the car's history was so far and how well documented, the entire file is likely to become between 50 and 100 (A4 size) pages in length, sometimes even more!

Every file in general contains the followings chapters:

  • general Morgan history
  • development of the models up to the car featured
  • different kinds of Factory data of the individual car
  • History of the car, after it left The Factory until present, as far as can be traced. If the car appeared in road tests or other publications, a list as complete as possible will be compiled
  • Maintenance/repair history of the car, as far as bills or annual registration documents, MOT tests, etc. are available.

In order to make a history more attractive, items like contemporary Factory or dealer sales literature or adverts can be provided either from the extensive spare collection, or by simply searching for them, depending on the owner's wishes.

If the car itself has never appeared in road tests or other major publications, these can be added of similar cars.

It is impossible to the list all possibilties. Like when ordering a new Morgan you have innumerable options, a history file can be adapted to your own wishes. For instance, if you have never been to The Factory, a separate chapter can be included about this.

Please enquire about your personal wishes through


Recently finished was a history file about a 1950 4/4 Series I Drophead Coupé. Its owner, Will Lenders, wrote : "The bookwork looks very complete. You made a detailed job of it. I am pleased to hear that the gear box, about which I had my doubts, is the original one after all".

 Make more of your own Morgan collection!

Lots of Morgan owners and enthusiasts have collected many items over the years. These can vary from regalia, like:
  • car badges
  • pin badges
  • scale models
  • posters
  • stickers
  • and many other types of regalia

to literature items like:

  • books
  • magazines and loose articles
  • newspaper articles
  • club publications
  • Factory sales literature
  • Factory adverts
  • dealer sales literature
  • dealer adverts
  • press packs
  • professional photographs
  • amateur/ proper photographs

and so on, and so on....

Simply through keeping them for many years, a lot of these items become valuable.

This is a good reason to make a proper inventarisation of what you have, not solely to remind you of the lovely items you possess, but also to be able to convince the insurance man of the value of what you have.

If anything goes amiss you will at least have some kind of proof to fall back on.

Yet, many people do tend to collect, but not to organise. This is were yours truly can be of service!

If you have a huge pile of (club) magazines, for instance, and one day you are looking for a particular article about a particular car, chances are 99% that it takes you much more time than you'd wish to find it.

I will organise your collection such that it will take you just a few seconds!

An inventarisation of non-literature items will need another approach, but I will be more than happy to discuss that with you.

Please drop me a line through the form on the "Contact Us" page.


For the Morgan Memorabilia Museum I was honoured to do an inventarisation/ valuation of the literature part of its collection.

The response on the outcome of it, by its proprietor Dr. W. Garrett Capune, was word for word: "What you did is perfect. . . even better than what I expected !"

In mid 2012 the Morgan collection of Garrett was awarded a place in the Guinness Book of Records, no less!