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Kevin Bolon

Kevin has been and still is one of the driving forces behind the South African Morgan Owners Group (SAMOG). Almost since he and yours truly started our Morgan hobby we have been in regular contact. He will tell his tale about how it is to be a Morgan addict in such a far away country.

Kevin Bolon's +8 and 4/4 parked in front of his garage.

I have always been interested in cars. My fascination with Morgans began when I was about 14, where I saw a photo of one in a magazine. I was hooked immediately.


I bought my first Morgan in 1979, a 1968 4/4, and I still have it 32 years later.


I bought a Plus 8 in 1990, and these cars are part of my family; they are not just vehicles. I enjoy using these cars, with all their quirks, and have done many trips in them. Each trip is an experience, not just a drive.


It has been exciting to experience the camaraderie of fellow Morgan lovers across different continents, and to establish lasting friendships from this.


Over the years I have tracked missing cars in South Africa, and I have helped to maintain a database of all the cars in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Kevin joined a good group of fellow countrymen for the Centenary celebrations in Cheltenham. Among the many people he met there was the late Chris Lawrence, who signed his book "The Morgan Maverick" there. 

The high point of my Morgan relationship is undoubtedly the Centenary, where I met with many friends, and was immersed in all things Morgan for several days.


I wish for many more years of Morgan related pleasure, and a new 3-wheeler!

Look what a great joy Mogging in South Africa can be. The lovely view down the bonnet of the Roadster says more than enough!

View down the bonnet Ronnie Herzfeld’s Roadster on Chapman’s Peak Drive near Hout Bay, Cape Town