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Morgan Car Club of Washington DC
This club is among the oldest Morgan clubs worldwide. Its golden anniversary coincided with the Morgan Centenary, as it started back in 1959. The British Embassy assisted in starting it, in order to promote British products post World War II.
The MCCDC not only has nice Morgans, but also beautiful ladies! Photo John H. Sheally II
The club grew out to be one of the leading clubs in the USA, and in fact worldwide. They hosted their first mayor event, MOG 1, in 1971. Therefore 2010 saw the 40th edition of this event. There are still several members who attended ALL OF THEM, which is a major landmark. Among them is Al Marsh, who still is a leading member in the club.

Other very well known members are of course John H. Sheally II, who made an uncountable number of photographs and won virtually all club autocross and several concours events, Al Marsh and Ed Zielinski, also known as EZ Ed, long time editor of the Rough Rider, the club magazine.
On one of the club's earliest big meetings, MOG 2, on July 1 & 2 at Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania, their guest of honour was none other than Peter Morgan, seen here at the right, talking to a group of enthusiasts.

The MCCDC moves forward with its time, though, as its club site, run by Ed Herman, is lovely to go through.

For the future Morgan drivers, there are even jigsaw puzzles on the site, in order to get familiar with the different parts of the Morgans and give a nice pastime. Collectors of regalia also have a nice set of items to collect, if they only want to get the club regalia of this complete! Below appears one of the badges issued for the club's silver jubilee, to coincide with Morgan's 75th anniversary, back in 1984. There are several versions of this badge only!

Like in other USA clubs, the percentage of 1950s and 1960s Morgans is far higher in the MCCDC than in its European counterparts. This gives the meetings a more varied look.

Yet,also some modern, even historically important, Morgans can be found in the USA. What to think of the first Morgan to challenge Le Mans, after 1962? The Aero 8 GTN in DeWalt livery found its way to MCCDC country, on the initiative of long time member  Rich Fohl. He ran the car for some time, but the use for such a Morgan is limited. Therefore, he has replaced it with another Morgan since this photo was taken. The car remains in the USA, though.


In 2009 the club celebrated its Golden anniversary. Its annual MOG meetings are still among the best visited in the USA.
Move on the Centenary of the MCCDC!