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The Morgan Sports Car Club España saw the light back in 1984 and has been active ever since. Virtually every year it issues (at least) one car badge, coinciding with either a meeting or a special anniversary. The known badges amount to 42 badges, but there may be more. People who like the country and who collect car badges, have something to go for!
A selection of these badges are still available here and there and will be listed in this page. If you'd like to add one or more to your collection, please feel free to contact me on
The badges will be shown in more or less chronological sequence.
Of the La Rioja badge shown immediately below exist at least 2 different versions. On one the Morgan wings are black, whereas on this one they are silver coloured. Also is the yellow on this badge a deeper variety than on the other (earlier) Rioja badge. The lettering on this badge is sharper too. Check your collection whether your badge is identical, or not!
Several meetings have been hosted in Rioja over the years. This is badge for  the 2001 meeting .An oval badge featuring a bat above the contours of  Morgan is the one for the 2006 Valencia meeting.
Alicante hosted the September 2007 meeting of the MSCCEIn 2008 you had to travel to Cantabria to unite with a group of Morgans. This is the badge issued for the occasion.
It transpired that you had to go to Transpirenaica in 2008 to see some Morgans and be able to acquire this badge.Also the Pais Vasco got its share of Morgan meetings, like the 2009 one in Getaria, with its resultant badge.
Por Valle del Tena los españoles y sus amigos se fueren en 2012. La forma de la placa es unica!Morgan Sports Car Club España, Serrania de Cuenca 2012 badge. One of theire few badges to show an entire Morgan car.