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Morgan Sports Car Club Holland

While Holland is solely a tiny country on the European Continent, is has quite a good "Morgan population". A good estimate of the number of Morgans present is around 800, varying from a top concours car, to a high class racer, many road cars of all types, as well as project cars in different state of (dis)repair.

A very good percentage of these Morgans is present in the club, as the club has around 500 car owning members, several of whom own more than one Morgan! Apart from them there are at present 85 sympathizers, who for different reasons don't own a Morgan (yet). Over the past decade quite a few persons who did not own a Morgan at first, managed to find one which fitted their budget.

Also, if people don't know what type of Morgan suits them best, it helps to look around and ask for advice, get rides/drives in different Morgans, and then decide what model to go for.

The club itself was established in 1972 and several of the founding members are still in the club, or have returned at a later stage. Once bitten by the Morgan bug, you can never escape it!

While in the early years of the club a +8 was a real rarity, the +8s have really overtaken the 4/4s with the passing of time. Many were imported from other countries, like the UK or Germany. There's now a good spread of different models in the club, varying from several three-wheelers to a numbers of Aero 8s.

There is an Aero Max in Holland, but the owner has not yet been convinced to join the ranks!

While the club had a few dozen members in the beginning and the number of events was limited, you can now enjoy a Morgan event almost every week(end) anywhere in Holland from March till October. The club has been divided in sections that organize their own monthly meetings. They also encourage their members to organise their own events. Some of these have turned into "classics" on the Dutch Morgan calendar.

In addition, if foreign Morganeers plan to make a trip to the small country at the North Sea, a phone call or an e-mail may be enough to have an inpromptu meeting organised.

On the picture left a few members meet with author Gregory Houston Bowden, who had come over for some inspiration for the Morgan Centenary book, which he was compiling at that time.

Famous the club has become for its Lustre events. This started with the 10th Anniversary in Epen (near the Belgian border), was continued with the 15th Anniversary at Zandvoort, while the 25th Anniversary meeting in Maastricht also is a meeting about which many foreigners still have fond memories. Plans for the 40th Anniversary meeting in 2012 are already in the making!

In March 2010 a special committee was installed to this end. The meeting, which will also celebrate 50 years of Morgan's class win at Le Mans, will involve a competitive element, as it will be based around the famous Assen TT track. Races for historic cars will be combined with Morgans only races.

For the "Morgan tourists" lovely routes will be provided through this great part of our small country. In all some 250 Morgans (if not more!) from different countries are expected.

The club produces its own high quality glossy magazine called Fata MORGANa, while it also has issued two books full of technical tricks and hints called Data MORGANa. Many other clubs are plain jealous about these publications!

The Dutch members are very proud of their very active member Nico Zonneveld, who in his second season of historic car racing won his class championship and became second overall. He beat amongst others 7 Porsches, several Triumphs, MGs and a Marcos 1800 with his Plus 4. His outings were not limited to Holland, but he also participated on tracks like the Nürburgring, Dijon and Hockenheim.

His performances can be checked on his own site

The Morgan Sports Car Club Holland has several members, who are very active indeed and are well known in their own country, as well as abroad. Both with racing and rallying Morgans, members have a long history. People such as Michael Lucassen, Peter Ecury and Gé Hofmans passed the chequered flag in previous years, while Adrian van der Kroft has been doing this for about a decade now and still is going strong. Nico Zonneveld, shown above, won the championship in his class in Holland in 2009 and spread his wings to more foreign tracks in 2010.

The late Hans van Doorn, Adrian van der Kroft and Jochem Kentgens also put Morgan on the map on the rallying front. A third aspect of Morgan competition, that of concours d'élégance, has also seen major wins for several Dutch Morganeers over the years. Jui Ching Ling scored well in the MSCC concours with his first, 1976, +8, Machiel Kalf has won major trophies with two 4/4s and his +4 Super Sports, while André van den Born also carried home a major MSCC concours trophy with the prototype 4/4 Series II 4-seater he used to own.

Yet, the hospitality remains an important Dutch landmark and every Morganeer from anywhere on the globe will always be most welcome. For the first major meeting of the MSCCH in 2010 special guests Neil and Marilyn Miller came over from the USA, in their Morgan +4, which is kept in England. People were able to purchase a signed copy of his photobook at the meeting.

The Morgan Sports Car Club Holland has an extensive website, which can be found at

One of the very active centres within the Morgan Sports Car Club Holland is that of the province Noord-Holland. Not only does this centre boast a large number of enthusiastic members, who make their monthly meetings to a success every month again, there's plenty of knowledge and experience available among those members too. Quite regularly the monthly meetings have something "extra".