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Made in Malvern, A Centenary Sketchbook by Glynis Dray

Made in Malvernhides a double meaning. Not only are the Morgan Made in Malvern. A delightful little book, which catches Morgan's atmosphere made in Malvern, also this book was made in Malvern, as the author/artist is a Malvern inhabitant.

An added Malvern flavour was given to the book by the introductory note of good old T. Dixon Smith, who's also from the Malvern area.

The idea behind the book is a very charming one. Not only the Morgan Factory, its products and its management are featured, but also all the then current employees.

Glynis made no difference between people involved in the production or people behind the scenes, like for instance the administrative staff. Very few people know them, but thanks to Glynis also they have come into the view of Morgan owners and enthusiasts. Now you can have an idea who is talking to you when you call The Factory, who processes your payments, etc.

Beware, she SKETCHED all those people. Some of them did come out really well, while others are not easily recognisable.

Yet, everyone received attention, is mentioned in the book (albeit solely with the first name), is shown in action in his/her workplace and some of his/her background is told, together with the time they work for the Morgan Motor Company. For those who think that still a large proportion of Morgan's employees are near their retiring age, this will be revealing. Of course, there are experienced workers who have been faithful to the company for a long time. At the same time a large number of young people have joined the MMC in the past decade and have only a few years on their counter. These are dedicated young people, so the future of Morgan looks very good in that aspect.

The Machine Shop has become a shade of what it used to be, shortly after this book was published.

A department which is not open to regular visitors is the Machine Shop, at the very bottom of the slope.

Here various small parts for the cars are machined "in house". But another practical aspect of this department is that obsolete parts for maintenance of the Factory buildings can be reproduced here. It is lovely to get an inside view to this department through several of Glynis' sketches.

Since the book was published, the greatest part of the Machine Shop has been turned into the Three Wheeler Shop, where the new three wheelers are built.

Matthew (Matt) Humphries was sketched by Glynis Dray, while pushing the Life Car. Matthew was responsible for the design and development of this car.One of the best known of Morgan's present generation of employees is Matthew Humphries. He is responsible for designs like the Aero Max and Life Car, but also for the redesign of the back end of the 4-seaters, in combination with the side screen supports painted in the colour of the body. The sketch of him appears below.

These are but a few examples of sketches in this delightful book. Every true Morgan enthusiast cannot do without a copy of it.

The book is still available from the Morgan Morgan Company, even at an attractive price!

The direct link to this book is: