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Melvyn Rutter
"Pink Lady" Sindy and Melvyn Rutter
Melvyn Rutter is of course world famous for his Morgan agency, his catalogue and the Morgan World magazine for which he is responsible, but he is first and foremost a Morgan enthusiast. Apart from a nice selection of Morgan cars, his collection of memorabilia, such as car and pin badges, is -let's say- well above average! Who is this man and what made him opt for Morgan? Let Melvyn tell his own story,
Does Sindy's dress match the "Pink Lady" or is it vice versa? What do you think? Picture taken at the Centenary by Bob Burrows

What raised your interest in Morgans and when was this? When I was 6 years old, I rode in my brother's 1937 MX4 Super Sports three-wheeler. Also went down to the Morgan factory in 1971 with a friend in his 4/4 Competition model. Stayed overnight and spent the whole day at the Morgan Motor Company. Also spotted the 2 ‘new’ +4+ bodyshells under the bike sheds that were on the right as you went down the Morgan yard hill.

Melvyn Rutter driving his flat rad +4 4-seater "Beryl" at Prescott, during the 60th Anniversary of the +4

What was the first Morgan you owned? 1937 F2 – I bought it in 1967 for £130. I cleaned cars for three years previously to be able to buy it, earning the money. I used to take my 13 year old brother to school in it.

Which Morgans you have owned over the years? I buy a Morgan personally and never sell it. 1934 MX4 Super Sports three-wheeler, 1950 Plus 4, 1953 Plus 4 4-seater "Beryl", 1955 Plus 4 Drophead Coupé 4-seater (aka Snobmog), 1965 Plus 4 Drophead Coupé, 1973 Plus 8. Sindy owns her 2005 4/4 – the Pink Lady, which was a 25th wedding anniversary present

What gives you the most pleasure of the Morgan hobby?

Meeting people from around the world and sharing ‘Morgan stories’.

How has your involvement with Morgan developed?

Provided a wider and wider sales, service & parts base.

What do you consider to be your personal high point with regard to Morgan?

At the 2001 Cheltenham Mog, Peter Morgan turning to Mark Read and Tim Ot saying “ there goes a true Morgan enthusiast” as I drive off home from the event.

At the 100 year event, my Plus 8 winning the Plus 8 concours and the 3 wheeler winning the 3 wheeler class. Cars went on to be 2nd and 3rd overall respectively, behind Machiel Kalf’s Plus 4 Super Sports.

Melvyn's going places and is seen here behind the wheel of Stan Jodeikin's high cowl twin spare +4 in Australia!Melvyn & Sindy Rutter, together with Matthew Parkin, visiting Japan.

The prototype Plus Four Plus, which was restored from a sorry state to a high quality car at Melvyn Rutter's place. It was also shown at the famous Villa d'Este Concours in 2009.