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Melvyn Rutter Ltd., from very small to worldwide

Back in 1976 there was a young entrepreneur, with trendy haircut, living in the London suburb of Wanstead, selling all kinds of Morgan goodies from the back room of his mother's 1912 Edwardian House. He called his business "Melvyn Rutter Specialist Services". The house itself actually provided a lot of inspiration for Melvyn's future, as it was richly adorned with stained glass.

He sold "high quality products and services", which included a huge range of chrome parts, wooden dashboards, aeroscreens, t-shirts, number plates, you name it! Even the children were not forgotten. For them he supplied the Morgan bedspreads and 1/3rd scale pedal cars. Recently a request for a Morgan bedspread came in through this site! Alas, Melvyn had to sell no, as the last one he had in stock was back in 1986!

Melvyn's first catalogue counted 8 pages of A5 size, which is quite different from the tomes he has been issuing later on and still does. They are much wanted items, used as reference for many (obsolete) parts. Melvyn was heavily involved in the organisation of the first huge international Morgan event, MOG 80 in Beaulieu and Goodwood. For that occasion even a special Morgan Cartoon Book was issued!

Melvyn's business continued to thrive and by 1983 he moved out of the City and into the country. He found himself a garage annex filling station, which needed some TLC (tender loving care), whch it duly received. The new emporium was renamed "The Morgan Garage" and since its Garage Warming Party on May 8th 1983 (for which the card below was the invitation), many changes have taken place.

In fact, one can draw some parallel between Melvyn's business and the Morgan Motor Company. Both have had humble beginnings and have grown out to institutes which any Morganeer knows his/ her way to.


When starting the Morgan Garage in Little Hallingbury, Melvyn did sell used Morgans, but was still far off from being authorised by The Factory to sell new ones. Through hard work he managed to get into the much desired position and now has become one of England's Main Dealers!


The Morgan Garage itself has been extended time and again and is now not only recognised as a good address for buying a new (or second hand) Morgan, but also fore maintenance, repair and restorations. Of course, his part ordering service still is as efficient as ever. In this efficiency and reliability he proved himself in the early years and this ensured him of a worldwide clientele, who remain faithful to him.

One aspect of Melvyn's restoration business is the trimming department, which turns out a wonderful product. 


Also, what better advert can you get than that The Factory itself let you restore the precious protoype Plus Four Plus! They even took it to the prestigious Concours at Villa d'Este, Italy, early 2009!

Melvyn is good in mega-sales. Here 7 Morgans are delivered at one time

Still being the entrepreneur at heart, Melvyn thinks of his clients! For those who come from far away to have work done to their Morgan, he now provides a Bed & Breakfast service, "The Pit Stop" all in Morgan atmosphere, of course.


Fancy a sleep in the Super Sports bedroom?? Or are you more of the modern Morgans, but with a retro look??


 In that case the Aero 8 bedroom with stained glass window might be a good option for you! Melvyn's Bed & Breakfast service even made it to the Channel 4 Reality TV Show.

Of course, Melvyn wouldn't live up to his name, if he wouldn't get an early example of the low flying new Morgan three-wheeler. He has appointed a special test pilot to bring out the best in them.


This test pilot is a very experienced Morgan driver and even owns a traditional three-wheeler himself.


He lives virtually round the corner from Melvyn, so is an ideal candidate to promote Morgan's latest product. His official name is John Donovan, but in CranMog (the local Morgan centre) circles and also worldwide he's better known as JD.


Melvyn keeps on surprising people and has made it possible to keep old Morgans on the road, as well as buying new Morgans.

If you still want to find out more, check out his site on: