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Modern Plus 4s

After the Plus 4 had been replaced by the Plus 8 in 1968, the Morgan public had to wait until 1985 until a new Plus 4 became available again. Maurice Owen had had good experiences with the 1.6 litre Fiat engine in the 4/4 and was keen to try out the 2.0 litre version of the same marque. This resulted in the revival of the Plus 4 in 1985. It was easily recognisable from the 4/4, as it was 3 inches (nearly 8 cms) wider than the 4/4. Apart from that, it had different wire wheels, that had a wider rim. The wires were deeper into the rim than before. Its performance was remarkable! It was almost up to +8 standard, but not entirely.

The 1994 Plus T16 Motor Show car has been in Holland since 1996.

Although the(Fiat-engined) Plus 4 was marketed as such by the Morgan Motor Company, its cowl badge and registration papers showed it as a 4/4 2000. That way a very expensive series of testing and type approval was avoided.

Production of the Fiat engined Plus 4 did not last long and by 1987 it was history.

Yet, almost simultaneously a successor was announced, which indeed was developed as a +4. This one also carried a two-litre engine under the bonnet. Instead that Fiat was its supplier, the British firm of Rover ensured the delivery of its M16 engine, which was also fitted to its 820i and 820 Si saloon cars. As the "i" in the type of the engine implies, it was a fuel injected one.

This came together with a board computer, which in the early years did cause a number or problems. The car's performance was almost equal to that of the +8, while the price was more favourable. It was not surprising therefore that the model proved popular.

By 1992, the M-type Rover engine had been replaced by the T-type engine of the same make, which was far more reliable.

The car pictured left was one of Morgan's exhibits at the 1994 NEC Motor Show in Birmingham. The hard top was added at a later stage.

The production of this Plus 4 variation, in both 2- and 4-seater, continued until 1999.

Where dark colours were the norm from the late 1980s till the early years of this century, now the colour schemes used on Morgans are more. Even Europe receives its fair share of two-tones.

After that, everything was silent on the +Plus 4 front for a while.

Shortly after the Roadster had appeared on the market, in 2004, the Plus 4 also was revived!

It was now equipped with a 2-litre (1999 cc) Ford 4-cylinder Duratec engine with electronic fuel injection system.

This gave no less than 145 bhp and made the car run from 0 - 100 km/h (62mph) in 7.3 seconds! With this kind of performance, the Plus 8 was easily forgotten.

The Plus 4, like the Roadster, was first available as a 2-seater only and later (from 2006) also a 4-seater. It has proved to be a popular addition to the Classic Range of Morgan.

In the picture on the right, taken in November 2010, appears a two-tone 4-seater Plus 4, which is ready to be despatched to France. Apart from Germany, France is a major export market for Morgan.