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Morgan Centenary

2009 was a milestone year for Morgan. This was the year in which this small, privately owned, company celebrated its Centenary:100 YEARS OF MORGANS. Many famous car manufacturers, of far greater size, went bust far before reaching this milestone, were absorbed by others, who in turn did not survive. In brief, Morgan achieved a remarkable success, not only in terms of their products, but also by shrewd company management.


It goes too far to list all the ups and downs here, but perhaps the most remarkable thing is that Morgan, amidst the worldwide economical crisis of 2008/2009 fared better than it did in a long time!

The Morgan 4/4 Sport below, Y 100 MMC, was the main prize of a lottery draw!The 4/4 Sport with apt registration number Y 100 MMC, was the main prize for the lottery draw during the Centenary event. Here it's parked in front of the entrance to the spares department


This car had made a tour throughout Europe, past different Morgan agents and different events, and the bonnet was full of signatures of Morgan personalities, agents and celebrities.


The Morgan Motor Company obviously was proud of the centenary of its products and in close cooperation with the Morgan clubs it organised a full agenda of events throughout the year. The culmination of this was of course the Centenary weekend in and around Cheltenham in late July/ early August 2009.


A small selection of pictures will tell a tale about part of the happenings. Anyone who has invited other events during the year, or who has special pictures of the Centenary celabrations to share is invited to send them in.

Pictures from a different point of view are always welcome and I'll happily display them here.


The first series of pictures are a selection of the Centenary Hill Climb at Prescott on the 25th of July.

These will be followed by a series of pictures at The Factory, on the 31st of July, the Parade to Cheltenham on the same day, followed by pictures of the Centenary celebrations at the Cheltenham race course on the 1st/2nd of August.



The count of Morgans present at the Centenary celebrations was well over 3100, with people from all over the globe. In other words: an event that will remain in people's minds for ever!

Happy Birthday, Morgan!