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The Morgan Aero

Nico Zonneveld's lovely JAP-engined Aero at a Dutch Morgan-meeting in Oudendijk
Unequalled in the combination of beauty and simple lines is the Aero model. This was in fact the successor to the Grand Prix model, although it was produced alongside for some time. The Grand Prix model gained fame by being owned by amongst others World War I air ace Captain Albert Ball VC DSO MC.

The Aero models usually were equipped with JAP engines, but there are also quite a few which came with either Blackburne or Anzani engines. The Anzani-engined variety is the most sought after one nowadays, but is hard to find.
 Chris Booth's nicely restored Aero is special because it comes with a Blackburne engine and disc wheels.

HFS Morgan also  wanted to make sporting motoring available to families. That's why also an Aero Family model was part of the model range of the late 1920s and early 1930s.

These are rarely seen nowadays, but are really cute cars. The Morgan Three Wheeler Club chairman, Brian Clutterbuck is the happy owner of such a vehicle.
Brian Clutterbuck with his wife posing alongside the Aero Family during the Centenary at Cheltenham. Photo Douglas Hallawell
He uses it quite regularly. Not bad for a car of about 80 years of age! He's a regular appearance with it at the Morgan Factory.
As if Aeros could really fly, many featured the flying stork mascot on top of the radiator. They were an optional extra in those days. Many cars now feature replica storks, like this one. Photo Tom Burrows

A good,original Aero of whichever variety and no matter what engine is worth about as much as a new Morgan four-wheeler nowadays!
Yet, beware for fake examples.