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Morgan Aero 10
Mark Bailey's Morgan Aero 10 in actionMark Bailey's company Mark Bailey Racing Sports Cars has been active for well over a decade. They build and develop pure bred sports and racing cars (Formula 3 for example) for clients and their own benefit.Their cars have been racing all over Europe as well as in South Africa and not without success.

The Aero 10 still under constructionMark and his team have been racing an Aero 8 Series I for two years, the biggest problem they experienced was the engine. They ran at the front of Brit Car and GTCup. The best result has been a 3rd overall at Brands Hatch, against Ferraris, Porsches, Aston Martins etc etc. Most of other drivers teams get a bit pissed with MBR Racing as the Morgan is many times cheaper than theirs and hate losing to them!
Close up of the Mark Bailey Aero 10 on the track

For 2010 MBR are doing a full season of GT Cup and in order to make this ex Richard Thorne car even go faster, the V8 engine was removed and has now been replaced by a BMW V10 engine of the type S85B50, which is also used in the Wiesmann and the BMW M5. Of course, with the low weight of the Morgan, this makes for a fantastic performance. The engine has a displacement of 4999cc, produces 373 kW (507 BHP) of power at 7750 rpm and a maximum torque of 520 Nm at 6100 rpm.

As it looks like a race car, this makes it into a real monster and a wolve in sheepskin. MBR worked on the Aero 8 putting all their past experience from racing into it.

They approached it from an engineers point of view rather than a mechanic's or road car builder's point of view.

While owned by Richard Thorne car,the best lap time it had done at the Brands Hatch GP track was a 1m42 sec.

 The first time out after MBR had modified it the performance was improved to no less than 1m 33!

Considering that they found the engine the biggest problem, the car with the V10 engine should be an incredible performer, even though it was intended for road use only in 2010. Too bad that it never came to series production.
The engine bay of the "Morgan Aero 10" is most impressiveClose up of the Morgan Aero 10 engine compartment

Many thanks to Mark Bailey for providing this information and the photographs.