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The Aero 8

The fruits of Chris Lawrence's handiwork were launched at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show and thus marked the beginning of the new millennium for Morgan. Charles Morgan's daughters revealed the car to the curious eyes of the assembled press. They were stunned with the high tech chassis and electronics from an old fashioned firm like Morgan.

With the BMW engine under the bonnet, the performance of the +8 was quickly forgotten. The car was definitely on a higher level -and in a higher price class- than any Morgan before it. One of the disadvantages for would be owners was that it simply would be impossible for them to work on the car themselves. Even a simple job like changing a wheel requires special tools. Also Morgan agents received a special training in order to work on Morgan's latest flagship.The Aero 8 which was on display at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show, is now on permanent display at The Factory.

The "Geneva Aero 8" is the blue one on the left. It is now kept, as an important milestone in Morgan history, by The Factory itself. It is now on permanent display in the former stores area, along with other Morgans that have been retained by the Morgan Motor Company.

As happened with all the Morgan models, the Aero 8 underwent continuous development and improvements.

A weak point had been the original OZ wheels, which under some circumstances tended to break. Around 2003 the Rimstock wheels, as shown right, were introduced, along with triple windscreen wipers, instead of double ones. That was still on the Mk 1 version, mind you.

In the early cars another weak point had been the hood construction. This was changed for the Mk 2 version. The Mk2 was introduce late 2003, but really didn't go into series production until 2005. Rimstock also produced the wheels shown below, which replaced the 6-spoked ones.

The luggage (or was it golf?) space in the early versions had been experienced as limited. This caused a redesign of the rear part of the car, which then got a "duck's tail".

The much criticized "cross-eyed" headlamps were replaced by distinctive straight ones around 2006. In 2007 an attempt was made to enter the USA market again, by producing the Aero 8 America. Some of these indeed went there, but not by far all of them...

The huge investments made by the Morgan Motor Company to sell the Aero 8 in the USA unfortunately had not resulted in the sales they, the agents and potential Morgan buyers had looked for.
Later Aero 8 models could be had in all kinds of colour schemes, while a hard top came as extra. This LHD Aero 8 was certain to draw stares wherever it went!

The end of 2009 saw also the end of the production for the Aero 8 model. The chassis lives on in the AeroMax and the Aero Supersports models.

A Morgan Aero 8 chassis also made it into the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, at the time of the Centenary events. At the far right part of an Aero three-wheeler is visible. Picture: Tom Burrows

Now that people have been able to compare the different versions, there (surprisi
ngly??) is a tendency to prefer the early cross-eyed Mk 1 version over the later ones!

Oh well, Morgan devotees are always a little weird!