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Morgan Aero 8 GTN

Probably the most desirable and certainly the rarest model from Aero 8 series is the GTN version.

For the 2002 edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours Race, Morgan made an entry, which saw as main sponsor DeWalt, known for all kinds of tools. The car was prepared in yellow DeWalt livery and a test and press campaign was launched. All frantic work culminated in the Le Mans race in June. Compare the size of this huge DeWalt truck to that of a Works +8...

All the hard work of the crew and the drivers did not result in the car reaching the chequered flag. The pit crew had to work extremely hard at Le Mans to mend all kinds of evils, but after 17 1/2 hours the team had to draw the conclusion that continuing was useless. Nevertheless, the Morgan had drawn a lot of attention, made good very publicity and had completed 181 laps.

The 2002 Le Mans car was sold to an American enthusiast, who sold it on after a few years of ownership. The car still remains in the U.S.A.

The DeWalt Le Mans GTN  is still being attended to at The Factory, before setting off to Le Mans in 2002.

In order to make the Le Mans outing legal, a similar car had to be produced and made available to the public. Originally a production of 15 of these cars was foreseen, but only 11 cars would be made. 

The first of the two Factory Aero 8 GTNs, used by Charles Morgan for some time, bore the most appropriate registration: V8GTN.

Who can tell that this is a Morgan when it flies by?

Sitting in the cabin, with the exhaust passing under your seat and the hard top in place, the sound produced by the car when you put your right foot well down is -to say the least- IMPRESSIVE!!

All customer GTNs had this colour scheme, so you had to look hard to tell them from each other. This car had a most appropriate registration number: V8GTN.

Another customer car also got a fitting plaque: V8ATE. 

V8GTN was eventually sold to Sweden, but it returned to England late 2009 and appered on the Britis tracks the following season in the hands of its new owner.Aero GTN #4 at The Factory in 2004. The biggest difference between the Works cars were the wheels, aluminium on one, black on the other.Yes, this is the real thing!This picture by Günter Biener is a real work of art. Note the see through heart shape!

The second Factory Aero 8 GTN did not get such a fancy registration number: VX 53 KTJ. It was number 4 of the 11 Aero GTNs that were produced.

While three of the cars were sold new to German customers, VX 53 KTJ ended up in Germany as well. Its current owner, Günter Biener, collected it in England in July 2010 and is very happy with it.
The Aero 8 GTN on German soil