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The Aero Super Sports

Since the introduction of the Aero 8, the top range of Morgan has definitely moved up market. The Aero 8 ran out of production at the end of 2009. The Aeromax was destined to be a limited production car only. It woudn't be correct if Morgan was to produce more than 100 of them, while they easily could sell more.

Instead, a new top of the range model was announced for 2010: the Aero Super Sports. While largely based on the technology used for the Aero 8 and Aeromax, it is very easy to distinguish it from them. The Aero Super Sports is in some ways inspired by the Aeromax, but the rear end definitely has a look of its own, while the model is the first one by Morgan to sport a Targa style roof.

Despite the fact that the price of this Morgan again is -considerably- higher than the Aeromax, let alone the Aero 8 or the "trads", a good number have been sold.

One cannot deny that Morgan now comes forward with daring, unusual designs. Yet, even the Aero Super Sports is recognisable as a Morgan!

The Aero Super Sports is compliant for the American market, so it will be the first fully street legal Morgan straight from The Factory since a long time.

As per the 22nd of January 2010, already 85 of the maximum 160 cars had been sold, while its main exhibition, that at Geneva Motor Show, had yet to start! In the meantime this is also history. In April 2010 there were quite a few of these exotics in various stages of production in Malvern.

A few months later a number of new cars had been delivered to their happy owners and in the Aero hall quite a number of cars in various stages of finish were catching the eye of the visitors. Do you notice ONE between them in British Racing Green???? It is clear that flashy colour schemes are all de rigueur, even in Malvern!!

This picture also came from the camera of Marion Bijsterveld.

One of the first people to get delivery of a new Aero Supersports was Brian Voakes. He selected quite a daring colour scheme!

In November 2010 his car already needed a regular service, while a fleet of others were still in build. This car is really being used, also for long trips.

In the meantime the Aero Supersports model also has become history.

Of course, the Aero 8 chassis is not dated by far yet, so new developments in Malvern Link are awaited eagerly!