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Morgan Agents

A very rare leaflet produced by the then Swiss agency, P.R. Schaub in Basel.  It dates from the mid 1920s.
Apart from the very beginning, when H.F.S. Morgan had a short lived deal with Harrod's as sole distributor, Morgan-agents, both at home (in the UK) and abroad have played an extremely important part in getting the Morgan products known to the general public.

Many of the early Morgan agents were also motor-cycle agencies. Later proper car garages took over their role, or existing agencies converted into these, when the Morgan four-wheeler was introduced. From the very early (pre-1920) days not a single agent is still in business.

The longest surviving Morgan-agency is Lifes Motors in Southport, which started selling Morgans back in 1926 and is still thriving.

A Darmont in its home country, la douce France
Even in the three-wheeler days the Morgan products soon found their way abroad. The leaflet reproduced over here is of the Swiss agency from the 1920s, to give but one example.

The best known foreign landmark for Morgan in the 1920s was Darmont from Courbevoie, near Paris, who got the right to produce the Morgan three-wheeler under their own name.

They were quite successful and many of these cars still exist and are also being competed with.

But even in unlikely places like Russia, Morgans turned up in those early days. It's sad that early records up to the mid 1920s no longer survive.

With the help of these records it would be quite easy to establish which Morgans were made and through which agencies they were sold in those days