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First of all some words of CAUTION to everyone interested in, or already collecting Morgan car badges. Like in all kinds of products, countries of the "new economy", like India, make large quantities of goods, selling them at cheaper prices, but the goods they sell are simply copied (or stolen, so you wish) from the originals. This goes likewise for Morgan car badges. There are already a few dozen different ones on the market, if not more, and more than likely the "assortment" will be extended.




REAL (left) versus FAKE (right) badgesFor serious collectors, who only want the real thing, there are some easy tell tales to distinguish these poor copies from the originals:

  • the size is smaller in general;
  • the material used is NOT chrome/enamel, but tin or some cheap aluminium;
  • they come painted, rather than enameled;
  • as a result of all these differences, the weight of each individual badge is a fraction of that of the REAL club and other badges. An "India" badge weighs around 80 grammes, while a properly produced badge often weighs at least 150 grammes, or (far) more.


In the picture on the left solely two examples are shown, though there are many more. These were scanned together with the real ones, so the differences are obvious! Admittedly, of the REAL Queensland badge, there is also a version with the lighter red, but the differences in size and quality remain.


The India badges also are accompanied by a fitting bar and a set of weak, long screws. They wouldn't hold long on a Morgan badge bar, I fear.


Many of these India badges are sold through eBay. Take good care before starting to bid on these.


Decide what you want:

a: a cheap badge which more or less represents the real thing, but doesn't have ANY collector's value;

b: a real badge, which has contributed or will contribute to the club(s) you are interested in and which likely to keep its value, or increase in value, if treated well.






In all parts of the world there are Morgan clubs. Apart from their subscriptions, part of their income usually is derived from selling regalia. The major item to distinguish themselves from other clubs is their proper car badge. Some clubs distinguish themselves for their range of -special- badges and varieties, while others keep it simple. In the past 40 odd years that the Morgan clubs have seen an enormous growth, so has the number of badges issued by them and/or by individuals.

Several serious collectors have badge collection counting 600, 700 examples and even they are in search of missing badges and/or varieties on them. There may be as many as 1000 Morgan badges. Having all of these in one collection is serious money, which could purchase a new Morgan, at least a new Three Wheeler!

Sometimes people who have collected badges for some time decide that even though they like them, the badges will not be added to, because they take up too much space, their collection is far from complete, or whichever other reason there may be. It is then that serious collectors may get an opportunity to find one or several examples, still failing in their collection.


These pages have become Increasingly popular and hence the number of badges being offered here is growing steadily too. Without doubt you have the best choice of Morgan badges available anywhere over here! A large number of badges don't even make it to these pages, as these are sold beforehand.


A good proof of this is that "the badge transaction of the century" was done here.  The collection of one of the badge pioneers, who decided to dispose of his beloved items, found a new home through this site. 


The selection of the badges for sale shown on the page is just a small part of what really is available. Therefore, if you look for a particular badge, please drop a line and let me know what you would like to add to your collection. Many badges don't even make it to these pages.









The much wanted classic looking shield badge "75 Years of Morgans"AN ABSOLUTE CLASSIC badge, which remains in high demand, is the Factory issued shield badge, in honour of 75 Years of Morgans, back in 1984.


Several versions of this badge have been produced, this one being the one by the original maker, James Baker from Birmingham, whose stamp appears on the back.


Recently a prototype of this badge, with a light blue - instead of cream- background changed hand for a booming record price. As only one such a badge was made, interest in the "ordinary" cream background badges is expected to continue at least at the same level as before.


Even though the 75th Anniversary of Morgan is long behind us, it's still remembered fondly by many, which helps raise the interest in this badge.


Many of those badges when new were fitted to badge bars and proudly displayed on the front (or rear) of the Morgans. As a result a large number of those are not exactly in the condition as collectors would like to see them. The one badge available simply is pristine, unused. It is the version produced by Jim Baker.


If your collection doesn't feature a copy of this badge yet, of perhaps one in a condition which leaves to be desired, you'd best respond as soon as possible.


A badge like this doesn't stay for sale for long,


Copper Morgan History Info car badge

Unusalare the  limited edition badges (50 numbered examples) carrying the name of this website, and its sister Facebook pages, Morgan History Info.


They are issued for two reasons:

  • to give people the opportunity to express their bond with either of these pages;
  • to assist keeping these pages going.




The badge on the ;eft is pure copper, without enamel, except on the script and the cars. It has proved rather popular so far.


The badge costs EUR 75, exclusive postage & packing.









The badges to celebrate over 75 Years of Morgan 4-seaters. In different colour schemes, each 25 copies.The latest numbered four-seater badges: dark blue Morgan with light blue background and light blue Morgan with Maroon background.

Although the Morgan 4-seater has been existence for over 75 years now, not a single of the 1000+ Morgan badges was devoted particularly to this charismatic Morgan model. This has now changed! A new series of 13 different badges has become available. Not all of them are shown are Of each variety 25 copies have been made, while some of these already sold out.. Therefore if you like one or more of these badges, you'd better act swiftly! Each badge costs EUR 75 + p&p.

Just drop a line through the Contact Us page or the website 


Below follows a series of car badges, issued by clubs, for (special) events, anniveraries of clubs, models and the Morgan make itself, as well as pins. Many of these are real collectors' pieces now and are hard to get.

 Morgan Sports Car Club (4/4 Club) shield shaped, "double ruby" badge

These are sorted according to country. Some of these are no longer available. For the most up to date information, visit the page




Morgan's home country of course has a healthy supply of badges for collectors. A very small selection of these are available now and appear below.


On the right appears the very classic shield design, which was used for the original club badage, when the Morgan Sports Car Club still was named Morgan 4/4 Club. The original Morgan 4/4 Club badges are now a rarity and have become prized collectors' items. A re-issue was done in the 1990s and even these are much wanted.


When the Morgan Sports Car Club celebrated the "Double Ruby" anniversary, namely the 40th anniversary of the Morgan +4, as well as that of the club (initiated as the 4/4 Club), the badge shown on the right was issued.


Its design and colours are identical to that of the Morgan 4/4 Club, solely the text is different.


It is a beautiful badge and has become much wanted of its own. Even though the prizes of these haven't yet reached the heights of that of the original 4/4 Club badge, it has surpassed many other badges, because of its shape and its background.



In case your collection still lacks this badge and you would like to add it, you'd better act swiftly!




Morgan Sports Car Club car badge, produced by James BakerTraditional is the chrome/enamel car badge, issued by the Morgan Sports Car Club. This is the version produced by badgemaker James Baker from Birmingham. This is the indented tab version, whereas other versions of the same badge have a straight tab.




Morgan Sports Car Club, Hop Mog jubilee badge 2004



The Morgan Sports Car Club also has a large number of centres, divided over the country. Each self-respecting centre has its own badge, to distribute among the local members and to sell to collectors, in order to raise some funds for their activities. Some of these are available.


Morgan Sports Car Club, Cran Mog centre, circular badge with ears and wheels sticking out.

Hop Mog, in the South East, has almost existed 40 years now. It has issued a number of very nice shield shaped badges over the years.


This one is quite unusual as well, as it is egg shaped! It was issued for the centre's 30th Anniversary, back in 2004. It carries #015 on the rear.


A centre well known for its eccentric personalities and ditto car badges, is the Cran Mog centre, which calls itself The PREMIER centre!


One of their badges is available now, a tabbed circular enamel badge, but with the ears and the wheels of the Cran Mog monster sticking out!



Collectors are keen on Cran Mog badges, so if this monstrous badge is missing in your collection, please act swiftly!

Morgan Sports Car Club Scotland badge

Scotland is the area in the UK with a relatively thin Morgan population. Yet, they do have an active centre, which has hosted a few national Morgan meetings since its inception. On the left appears the badge of the Scottish centre. It dates from the early 1980s and is therefore quite sought after nowadays.


The badge on offer is in perfect condition and is a must have for any badge collection.




Morgan Sports Car Club, New Forest centre badge

The last of the centre badges available at the moment of writing is that of the New Forest centre, in the south of England.


The New Forest is known for its free walking horses, visible in the badge, the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, but also for the lovely museum with a large quantity of interesting Morgan three-wheelers, owned by Chris Booth.

The badge has as companion an identical pin. 











Meeting badges


Meeting badges have become common since the 1980s. Every major Morgan meeting since then has had (at least) one. Sometimes several versions were made, especially for collectors. As such they have become good fund raisers in general.


A number of these are available. here.


The first of them was for the first major Morgan-meeting ever held by the Morgan Sports Car Club and Morgan Three-Wheeler Club together, Morgan 1980, also known as MOG 80. Erratically, the event also celebrated 70 Years of Morgans, while 4 years later the Morgan Motor Company itself organised the "75 Years of Morgans" event!


1910 - 1980, 70 Years of Morgans badge; MOG 80 badgeThe MOG 80 badge is in excellent shape. Often badges of this kind are now found either used and/or with damage to them. This one is simply unused, and therefore as new!

MOG 86, 50 years of Morgan 4-wheelers, badge

An even bigger event than MOG 80 proved to be MOG 86, the only major event in the last 40 years which took place in Malvern, at the Three Counties Showground.


It was the celebration of 50 years Morgan 4-wheelers. People from many countries were in attendance and made it into a memorable event.


Only the meetings for 75 Years of Morgans and the Morgan Centenary surpassed it with regard it to number of cars that turned up at the event.


The badge available is in used, though excellent condition.


















There is a gap in meeting badges available, because the next one dates from 10 years later.


Morgan Sports Car Club, MOG 96 Himley Hall badgeMorgan Sports Car Club, MOG 97 Bath badge


Additional meeting badges of the Morgan Sports Car Club that are available are those for:

  • MOG 96, Himley Hall
  • MOG 97, Bath
  • Great MOG North (2)003, it's badge #030 of the series.
  •  MOG 2008, Cornwall
  • The unusual tear formed badge for MOG MMX (2010), which took place at Buxton. There's this single one, as well as a set of 3 differently coloured badges available.
  •  East Anglia had the honour to organise MOG 2011, which coincided with the Morgan Sports Car Club's 60th anniversary. They produced a beautiful oval bage for it.

The car badge issued in 2008 by the Cornwall Centre of the Morgan Sports Car club, when they were hosting the annual meeting. 

MOG 2010 (MMX) at Buxton, tear shaped badge































Of course there is an enormous variety in badges issued by European Morgan clubs. Badges issued are either featuring their national (club) symbol, remind people of high points within the respective clubs or even were produced to recall high points in Morgan history.


Germany has been a "big country" for Morgans over the last 40+ years. Many Morgans have been sold there and it's not surprising that there are different clubs and centres, who issued a large quantity of badges over the years.


The shape which has appeared in different forms and sizes in several Morgan Club Deutschland badges over the yeats is that of the "flying tombstone". It's thus called because the part where the grille with the letters MCD appears, looks like a tombstone, with wings at either side. Several early badges were shaped like that. The badge which is for sale here looks identical, solely that it dates from 2011 and has differently coloured letters: black, instead of Brown or Dark Blue as in earlier versions. Only a limited number of these badges were made and all of them sold out.



A big active section of the MCD has always been the one in the far south of the country, Bavaria, around Munich.


Morgan Drivers Munich badgeThey also had their own badge, first issued in the mid/late 1970s. It was a flat aluminium badge with diamond shapes around the Morgan wings. The original name on the badge was Morgan Drivers Munich. Sadly, these badges didn't have the same quality that many other German products have. Often the diamond shapes let loose on the badges and if a badge was displayed on a car it had a limited life cycle only.


The badge available here is one of those early badges, and although it doesn't show signs of having been used on a car, some diamonds let loose. It 's hard to find a very good example nowadays, so keen collectors often settle for a badge like this, until they manage to locate a better one. It was sold in the meantime



The Morgan Owners Germany badge is much smaller, though its simplicity makes it neat. Due to use on a badge bar, the Morgan Owners Germany badge is CHEAP!



This club celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2012, combined with the 50th anniversary of Morgan's Le Mans class win. Over the years the club has been known for its desirable badges. Some of them fetch really high prices, such as the "windmill" badge from 1982.


At least every 5 years since then a new badge was issued and anyone who strives for a (near) complete collection of badges of this club should have well over 20 badges!


Collectors are - of course - always very keen on low volume car badges. Well, here are several of these available!

For starters there is one unique design, which is sought after by +8 owners and badge collectors alike is the badge shown right, produced the Morgan Sports Car Club Holland, in honour of 35 years (in Dutch: 3.5 decennia) of the +8, back in 2003. The badge is a precise copy of a 15 inch +8 wheel. As such is it unique.

Morgan Sports Car Club Holland, 35 years +8 badge

Only 80 of these badges were made, so it's food for real collectors!


These badges rarely appear on the market, so seize your opportunity while you can.


It's the only copy available right now. 


Another rare badge, particularly outside the Dutch borders is the badge shown here, for the Noord-Holland region of the Morgan Sports Car Club Holland. Only 50 of these stylised tulip badges (in the spring the region abounds with tulips) were made and were in principle solely available to those who belong to the local centre. As it's a once only issue, one can be certain that no reprints will appear in the future.


The badge virtually sold out, but a couple were discovered recently and these have been made available to collectors. They will go on a first come first served basis, so if you like one, don't delay!


Also available is one pin badge of the Morgan Sports Car Club Holland. 


It is quite unusual. Like the badge on the left, it was made for the north west centre of the club and shows the Drophead Coupé +4 which member Dick de Bruyn used to own in front of his typical local farm house (known as "stolpboerderij") where he used to live at that time.


These pins were only produced once, back in the 1990s, but never again. They exist in various colours. Each version had 25 copies made.



The frame on the right shows a very good selection of Morgan Sports Car Club Holland. From left to right these are:

  • the dark green rimmed badge for the 30th anniversary of the club in 2002;
  • the uniquely shaped badge for 12 1/2 years of the centre "Morganeering Mid Holland" in 2009, of which solely 45 were made;
  • the badge for the 35th anniversary of the club in 2007. This is the rare version with gold coloured crown and gold coloured touches at the bottom, available only to committee members of that period and people involved in organising the jubilee event. Only 25 of these were ever made,


People who want to make a nice addition to their collection are invited to bid on all three badges as a group.






The oldest Morgan Club on the European continent is the Morgan Owners Group of Sweden, which was initiated 1966.


Its original car badge was a tiny one in the form of a flat radiator, bearing the intianls M O G. This basic design has returned in all its oval badges issued since. The badge available is an impeccable, unused, copy of the 40th anniversary badge, issued in 2006.


The badges go quickly. Therefore, if you are keen to have one, act swiftly!







Swiss Mog is a club which separated itself from the original Morgan Club Schweiz.


The majority of its members live in the French speaking part of Switzerland.  Swiss Mog have a nice selection of badges, two of which are available here.


Both badges show the flower which made Switzerland so world famous, the Edelweiss.









Who thinks of Switzerland and its history, thinks about the figure of Wilhelm Tell.  Inspired by this, Swissmog devoted its 2003 to the man with his bow and arrows. The badge for this meeting has a design different to the majority, namely cut off at the sides. It's a cute badge and more than worth adding to anyone's collection.



The original Swiss Morgan club, Morgan Club Schweiz, was started in 1977.


It has issued a number of badges over the years, often with the Morgan wings sticking out, like on the one shown left.


It carries Switzerland's national colours, red and white in the badge centre, while it has a funnily designed Morgan with driver on the top. Its shawl carries the Morgan script.


It's a lovely badge, of strong quality, like all the badges by the manufacturer Hänggi.


Next to Switerland lies Austria, which also has an active Morgan club, a very enthusiastic Morgan agency and some very fanatic Morgan collectors. One of them may be well on his way to having the biggest Morgan collection in the world!


Over the years the Morgan Sports Car Club Austria has issued several different badges, though not as many as some other Morgan clubs. Even for a starting collector it is well possible to purchase all existing Austrian badges. There are 6 in total.




Three are for sale here: the original one, shown right and those for the 20th anniversary in 1997 and the 30th anniversary of the club in 2007, which was held together with the Morgan Club Schweiz, which was initiated the same year. 


 The last two badges are shown left.

















A club, which wasn't really  a club, was the Morgan Sports Car Club Poland.


Initiated by the well-traveled American lady Kathi Hoffman, who lived in Warsaw in the early 1980s, she organized the very first Morgan meeting ever in Poland. This was attended by Morganeers from all over Europe. And what is a self-respecting Morgan Club (even if it's a one-lady club) without a badge?


The badge shown left was first issued in 1982 and it had some later variations.


All of these badges are stamped with a number on the back.


The badge available is in absolute unused condition and therefore is a great addition to any collection of Morgan badges




Quite an old Morgan club is the Morgan Owners Club of Australia, MOCA in brief.

Over the years quite a few badges have been issued in different parts of Australia. Some of these are on offer here. The best known one is shown below. It is the club badge, which has been use for decades. This particular example dates from the 1980s and has never been used on a car. 



The second Australian badge available is unusual in style. It comes painted, rather than enameled, and has been cut out inside.


The Queensland badge comes in at least two versions. Here the map of Queensland is shown in dark red, while there also is a pale red version.


A collectors version just has the bare metal.



Morgan Owners Club of Australia 40th Anniversary oval badge, 1998








IMPRESSIVE is the right word for the heavy weight oval badge, issued for the 40th Anniversary of the MOCA in 1998.


Basically of the same design as the original MOCA badge, it is of good chrome/enamel quality/ The Maroon rim and the dark blue background make the badge very attractive.


It's a nice badge to add to your collection.



A MOCA meeting which received international attention was the 2001 Morgan Muster.

A special, bright badge was made for this occasion. The yellow Morgan makes it stand out.









The last Australian badge available is one of the very few badges featuring a full fledged three-wheeler. It was issued for the RAC Queensland Motorfest, in honour of the Morgan Centenary in 2009.


This copy is still unused.





USA badges


There exist Morgan clubs all over the USA, several of these with a long history. As a result, the selection of USA Morgan badges is -at least- extensive!


A few of these appear for sale here. Usually these badges are desirable for collectors and don't take long to change hands. Therefore, if you a like a particular one, take quick action, before it's gone



MOG MOG is brief for Morgan On the Gulf Morgan Owners Group. It's one of the two Morgan clubs active in Texas. MOG MOG is Houston based, its sister club, Tex Mog, is Dallas based.



For the club's 15th anniversary in 2000, several badges were issued. Still sticking to the original form and design, the text featured 1985  2000 on the front, while there are versions with different colour rims. Shown is the white rim #B07. Also available is the grey rim version (brighter than the inaugural badge) #B14. These are great items for any collector.



The Morgan Car Club of Washington DC is the oldest club on the East Coast. Solely the Plus Four Clubs on the West Coast were started before it.



With some keen badge men having played an important part in the club's history, it may come as no surprise, that to have a complete selection of this club's badges, you will have to do some serious searching and a major investment!



Pure slolid brass is the material of which the badge for the MCCDC meeting "MiniMog at Navsta Norfolk" is made. You will lose at least 1 mph of top speed when you fit it to your Morgan!


The connection with the Navy is made clear on this badge, a very nicely preserved, unused example.


A nice -though heavy- badge is the one shown on the above. The MCCDC golden anniversary coincided with Morgan's Centenary. This oval badge has the new Morgan wings sticking out of its oval form. The MCCDC must be (one of) the first club(s) to use these new Morgan wings on their club badge.


The badge is numbered on the rear.



 Another USA club of which a badge is available at this moment is Morgans of Philadelphia, also known at MOPS.  This is the club's most recent badge, featuring the cracked liberty bell and the Morgan wings. It is also numbered on the rear of the badge.


















Very unusual of shape is the heavy badge made for the Western New York Owners Group in honour of their 30th anniversary. One of their leading lights is a huge badge collector himself, so it's not strange at all that this relatively small club comes up with nice badges. It's worth having!


A new car badge, featuring the new Morgan three-wheeler, designed by James Baker, Morgan three-wheeler owner of long standing and well known for his Morgan car badge productions.  Manufactured by Tote, Kenning and Spencer.

Approved by the Morgan Motor Company.
Numbered 1-100, priced USD 139, exclusive p&p.


Part of the profit will go to a charity selected by the Morgan Motor Company.



Morgan 3-Wheeler Dash Plaque


This cute, colourful dash plaque featuring the new Morgan three-wheeler is the sister item to the badge shown on the left.  Its price is USD 79 + shipping




From  the early 1980s dates the following non-club badge:


Peking to Paris Motoring Challenge, 1982 car badgeThe Peking to Paris badge was really a private enterprise by then Morgan Sports Car Club Secretary Charles Smith, who intended to take part in the run from Peking to Paris, in honour of the 75th anniversary of the original run, back in 1907.


The badge was meant to raise funds for this adventure.However, the event was called off and did not take place until 2007, 100 years after the original one.


Keen badge collectors better had check this badge out, as there are a number of different versions, also from different manufacturers. The one available is in splendid condition.






The badges over here don't fall into the catgeories of club badges, or badges for club meetings.




When the Plus 8 had been in production for 21 years, back in 1989, the first of what was to become a series of badges was issued, of which different varieties exist. These were followed by badges of the same oval format, when the Plus 8 had been in production for 25, 30 and 35 years. 




On offer are four different badges from these series, one of the earliest edition, one of the most recent edition. Two badge for  the 21 Years issue are available. One has a cream background, as well asone with a plain  white background.  The next is the 30 Years version with a cream car against a dark blue background. The last mentioned badge in the Celebrating .. Years of the Morgan +8 series has a golden yellow Morgan against a black background.


The badge itself is shiny gold at the rear. Of this particular variation on the +8 badge 200 copies were made. It's a lovely item to have for people who own one of the last series of of the original +8s, or perhaps even a 35th Anniversary model. It shows signs of use, having been on a badge bar.





 Morgans Over America 1990 car badge


Morgan Regalia Collectors Society car badge

On the left is shown the badge for the first edition of the Morgans Over America trek. This took place in 1990 and was repeated every 5 years until 2010. Its initiator, Steve Roake, passed away not so long ago, so unless some else carries on his tradition, the 2010 edition will be the last. The badge available is #015. It is of the so called "short"variation, even though it is rather high in comparison to other Morgan badges. The "long"version had about 1/2 inch of bare chrome between the tab and the three flags.


On the right appears the extremely rare Morgan Regalia Collectors Society badge. This was a club which existed for about 5  years during the 1980s and has since ceased to exist.


One could only join this club upon recommendation by one or more others. At the high point, the club may have had 50 members, but no more. The heavy quality brass badge is an absolute rarity nowadays.


The badge in question used to belong to an Australian member, who's no longer active. It's only for REAL enthusiasts!

A VERY SPECIAL version of this badge is also available, the polished one with a blue rim. Very few were made.




Some of the badges shown here are taken from available images, so the number on the actual badge may differ from the one shown unless otherwise stated. All badges are in excellent, unused condition.


All the badges and pins shown here are sold on a first come, first served basis.



If you are interested in/ want to purchase one or more of the items shown, please send a mail through the form on the Contact Us page. You will be contacted as soon as possible! The available items change almost DAILY!




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