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Morgan Books and Regalia

Over the past 40 years or thereabouts, many Morgan books have appeared. It will be a major task to list them all here.
Many are out of print and have reached collectors' item status. Others have been reprinted several times and are still available. Older publications are sometimes available through sources as Amazon or eBay. Prices can sometimes reach very high levels!

The first full size Morgan book, covering both three- and four-wheelers was "Morgan, First and Last of the Real Sports Cars" by Gregory Houston Bowden. This book served as his graduation subject for his degree in modern history at the University of Oxford. It saw several reprints and a revised condition in 1986. The same author also composed the book "More Morgan, A Pictorial History of the Morgan Sports Car". Together with Charles Morgan, Gregory was responsible for the official Centenary book "Morgan 100 Years, The Official History of the World's Greatest Sports Car".

There have been Morgan books on the entire history, or more specialized books devoted to one (or several) types of Morgan, competition history, the list is sheer endless.

Of course the centenary year, 2009, was a good year for new Morgan publications. Several of these books that appeared then, will be be reviewed here. More reviews will be added over the time.
Apart from books, collectors of all kinds of Morgan memorabilia have been able to spend more than the value of a new Morgan in building not even a complete collection of these.
People often decided to concentrate on particular niches of Morgan collecting, be it (sales) literature, car badges, scale models, you name it.
Also these will be expanded upon.