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Morgan Car Badges
Morgan Car Badges

Car badges for many years have been a way of expressing, showing off to which clubs you belonged, not necessarily one make car clubs. For instance, many members of the RAC or AA displayed badges on the front of their cars, to tell other motorists, "yes, I'm also in the same club as you are".

When (one make) classic car clubs started to emerge, they issued their own car badges, in general solely available to their members. Slowly, but steadily, the number of one make car clubs increased and with them the number of badges on the market.

Like other people who collect stamps, a breed of collectors specialised in car badges. Some had general collections, comprising different makes of cars, while others specialised on their make of interest only. In our case, this is Morgan, of course.

By the end of the 1970s several dozens of Morgan car badges had been issued worldwide. People started getting keen on getting several badges of different Morgan clubs, to display on their badge bar, while the real collectors of course cherished them.
The shield form badge from 1984 is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful badges ever and is still in demand! Photo Gerard de Gier
In the early 1980s the American Morgan fanatic Win Sharples started a club called the Morgan Regalia Collectors Society, which was originally aimed at badge collectors, but which accepted also collectors of other types of Morgan ephemara, such as books, sales literature, pin badges, etc. At the height of its existence it had some 50 members worldwide, but when Win's attention was drawn to other things, the club folded.

Yet, the interest in Morgan car badges was firmly based and spread around it as if it were a disease. Many clubs discovered that badges were a useful source of income and issued badges when they had a celebration in their club (5, 10, 20, 25, etc  years of existence, special meetings, you name it).

Also the Morgan Motor Company issued a special badge on a number of occasions. The best known of these are the badges to celebrate 75 Years of Morgan and 100 Years of Morgan (the Centenary badge) in respectively 1984 and 2009.

Another one they issued was at the occasion of 70 years of the 4/4 in 2006.

Rare badges are in high demand with collectors nowadays and sometimes fetch prices of several hundreds of euros. The Morgan Sports Car Club Holland is a club which has always been very active with issuing new badges for special occasions, and its "windmill" and "tulip" badges are famous examples, sought after by collectors.

The "Tulip badge" was issued for the 15th anniversary of the Morgan Sports Car Club Holland in Zandvoort, an occasion also attended by Peter Morgan.

Worldwide there are a number of collectors who have several hundreds of badges in their collection. They range from the UK to Holland and from the USA to Japan and Australia, to name but a few.

Dutch collector Gerard de Gier has kindly supplied a CD with a large number of pictures of different badges which he has collected over the years.

A selection of these will be displayed in a slide show on the top of this page. Enjoy!