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Morgan Clubs
The heart of the Morgan community lies in the different Morgan clubs all over the world. No matter the different kinds of interest each individual, or group of individuals, may have for Morgan as a car make, or the activities to participate in, there will always be a club he/she likes to belong to.
This is just an example of one of the Annual General Meetings, organised by the Morgan Three Wheeler Club, at the Abbey Hotel in Malvern. That has been an ongoing tradition for as long as one cares to remember.
These meetings usually take place in late September/ early October and draw hordes of Morgan three-wheelers. These vary from early two-speeder models to late F-types, with everything in between.
As you can see, the parking lot of the Abbey Hotel hardly has a square inch left to park another car!
The club's history and activities will get a separate page in the three-wheeler chapter.
The site of the Morgan Three Wheeler Club can be found under

The Morgan four-wheeler of course has its own addicts too. In the UK the Morgan Sports Car Club cares for them, and they have organised huge Morgan events many times. At these events you will find at least several hundreds of Morgans, of all kinds of varieties, in the car park. A number of times the quantity of Morgans at such a MOG (Morgan Owners Gathering) has even surpassed the 1,000!

The activities will be enlarged upon elsewhere.
The club's website can be found at
Both UK Morgan clubs, as well as the Morgan clubs in other countries will get more attention, as this site continues to grow.
Club members or webmasters of the individual clubs are more than welcome to approach me with material, suggestions and of course I'll be more than happy with mutual support.