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The Centenary year for Morgan, 2009, saw quite a number of new books appear on the market. Among these was the abovementioned book, made by a real Morgan enthusiast, for enthusiasts.


Briefly, that’s the VERY reason why this book is different from others. Too many books are produced by writers whose knowledge of and/or enthusiasm for Morgan is limited and see a book on (part of) the marque as a thankful source of income.

 The cover of "Morgan Exploration" shows Neil Miller's 1990 +4 2-seater in a lovely British setting.

The American Neil A. Miller is a professional photographer, who is specialized in silver and digital images. As a result, in comparison with many other lavishly illustrated books, the percentage of colour images is not as high, as has become the standard. Yet, with his expertise in photography and his enthusiasm for Morgans, he shows the Morgan world from a different point of view.

Neil has been a Morgan owner since the mid 1960s. His first Morgan was a 1961 +4 4-seater, which has been succeeded by two Morgans he currently owns, a 1963 +4 2-seater and a 1990 +4 2-seater (with Rover engine), which he keeps in England, to use when he’s in Europe.


While the book was dubbed as the official pictorial book for the Centenary, it was not meant as a history book in the usual sense of the word. Neil has selected the best or most tasteful pictures of many different types of Morgans and the people around them.


It is the Morgan history from Neil’s own experience. This really starts with his first Factory visit, back in 1969. For many people who joined the band later it is a unique opportunity to see a good selection of professionally made pictures of The Factory from that period. Many Factory visits have followed since. It’s not for nothing that Neil’s 1990 +4 is based in Malvern!

Every aspect of Morgan life is covered, from the way the Morgan was/is produced, the people who did/do it, to people who own them, Pictures from Neil's first Factory visit, back in 1969. At that time he made colour slides. Now he prefers black & white photographs.the different types of events they are used for. Many photographs are highly artistic. They are proof for Neil’s excellent craftsmanship with the camera.

Taking into account the saying “a picture is worth more than 1000 words”, this book tells much more than other Morgan books, even though the text itself is limited. A very nice aspect of the book is that the captions under the photographs are very brief. Yet, in an additional chapter this lack of text is made up for in the chapter “Photographic Details”. This reveals details which prove Neil’s years long involvement with Morgans.


From the last chapter you go back to the pictures described and discover even more things. That’s what makes the book so special.


Flaws??? Yes, some minor ones. It would have been nice if the differences between The Factory in 1969, 1990 and 2008 had been accentuated. Also, the proof reading could have been better in some parts.

Yet this book is an absolute MUST for any Morgan addict!

You can spend hours after hours going through it. And then, when you laid it aside for a week, you discover new things in pictures you already have seen. A real work of art.


If you want to have your own copy of this book, you can order it straight from Neil, by clicking one of the following links.

When allowing a few more days for shipping, Neil will be happy to sign your copy of his book upon request.