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The Life Car

Who said that Morgan is a conservative firm? The number of changes in the past two decades in The Factory, its production process and its model innovation are too numerous to mention!

The culmination of all of this -for the time being at least- is the project designated as Life Car. The Aero 8 and its descendants are still recognisable as Morgan products to the great public. However, you have to be better versed into Morgan matters to know that the Life Car also comes from the shed behind the trim shop at Pickersleigh Road!

This futuristic looking car was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008 and took the motoring world by storm!

Apart from the badge, nobody would be able to tell from the rear that this is a Morgan... Many new items, that had never been tried on a Morgan before, made part of the package. As the whole concept is so forward thinking, with saving the environment very much on the forefront, the Government had come forward with financial support. Morgan was not the only Malvern firm taking part in the development of the Life Car.

Also Qinetic, about a mile away from Morgan was heavily involved in the project. They are responsible for the fuel cells, that need to propel the car. Of course, the Life Car will be of low weight, using light materials, like wood and aluminium. The bodywork is kept to a minimum, as are the material to produce -for instance- the seats.

Even the super modern Life Car hangs on to the principle of using many wooden parts.

These are the basic seats, with a hole for the instrument in front of the driver. For a LHD car it is simple to put the hole at the other side!

These seats consist of several thin layers of wood, that are sucked vacuum in a pre-formed mould. On these wooden parts, the leather is fitted. Simple, but very effective! The car is powered by four hydrogen cells, which uses the generated very effectively and provides the minimum of waste.

The Life Car is not meant as a futuristic one-off only. The car is still being developed and is hoped to be in production in a few years time. Early 2010 some publications boasted about a probable USA launch in 2011. It would be nice if the production version would be ready by Geneva 2012.

At the end of 2009 an advert was placed for another young student engineer, to the likes of Matthew Humphries, who was to form part of the team working on the car which is destined to become part of the Morgan Motor Company's future.