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Morgan Memorabilia Museum

If you happen to be in Fullerton, Ca., U.S.A., please DO have a look in the Morgan Memorabilia Museum of Dr. W. Garrett Capune. During his active working career he was criminologist, now he has devoted himself to Morgans!

His Morgan collecting mania started over 50 years ago, in 1959, the very year in which Morgan's initiator, H.F.S. Morgan passed away.

Over the years Garrett has owned several Morgans. A lovely and unusual (NOT only for its banana yellow colour scheme) Morgan he used to own was this 1955 Plus 4 twin spare Drophead Coupé. Only a few dozen of these were made. This car was in exceptional condition and has appeared in a number of publications.


Garrett's memorabilia collection is extensive and covers the entire period of Morgan, from its very early days on.

His current Morgan also is a lovely, unusual car: a 1927 Family 3-wheeler, in show condition. Its registration number is the one which can be found on many early Works 3-wheelers: CJ 743.


For an overview of Garrett's memorabilia collection, have a look at his site:


W. Garrett Capune, at the Morgan Centenary in Cheltenham 2009



Who IS the man behind this collection??

Well, Garrett is the man with cap, on the right, a retired criminologist.The Centenary, where this picture was taken, really united many Morgan people from all over the world.

It was the first time, after some 30 years of contact, that yours truly and he were able to see each other live.

Have a look at Garrett's impressive collection, both virtual and real!


During 2012 Garrett received recognition for his 50+ years of collecting by the Guinness Book of World Records, no less!

See the announcement below.