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Scale models of Morgans, both three-wheelers and four wheelers, comes in all kinds of sizes, materials, different forms of craftmanship, prices, you name it. Equally like there are people keen on car badges, sales literature, pins and other forms of Morgan regalia, the scale models have their own followers in the Morgan community.

It is virtually impossible to have a "complete" collection of scale models. Even Morgan's own product, the 1/3 scale pedal car three-wheeler falls into the category. Most people limit themselves to models varying in size from about 1 centimetre to -say- 40 centimetres and everything in between.

The majority of the scale models are either metal or plastic, a smaller percentage of them being made of materials like wood. A number of these fine models have turned up for sale, two three-wheelers, two flat rads. Two group pictures appear above.

The scale models are of the following models:
  • beetleback three-wheeler (apart from the small roll bars of identical shape to the new three-wheeler)
  • barrelback three-wheeler
  • flat rad two-seater
  • flat rad four-seater   SOLD

All of them are in new, unused condition. The two-seater flat rad even has received an extra layer of laquer for better protection.

Below follow some more pictures of these models, from different angles.

Morgan Super Sports three-wheeler, wooden scale modelMorgan Super Sports, wooden scale model, front view

Morgan F Super wooden scale modelMorgan flat rad 4/4 2-seater, wooden scale model

Morgan flat rad 4/4 2-seater, wooden scale model, front view

The wooden models shown are for sale!
This is a nice opportunity for the keen collectors, who don't have them yet, to bring out a bid.


Of course, the models will be carefully packed. Postage and packing comes on top of the purchase price. The models are located in Holland.

Bids can be made -or questions asked- by filling the form below:

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