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Morgan sew on badges

Multi use patches, showing Morgan wings in silver on strong quality  black backgroundSew on badges, also known as blazer badges or patches, are a nice and handy alternative for the car badges. By sewing them -in some cases ironing them- onto your jacket or blazer, or even your Morgan's carpet (!) it is obvious to everyone which Morgan club you sympathize with. Of course a number of them simply feature the Morgan wings, rather than a club emblem. There is something to everybody's taste.
Patches have proved popular of late and tend to be sold very quickly. The rectangular ones shown here are strong and be sewn onto or ironed to either your jacket, cap, hat, or even your Morgan's carpet.
More patches will be offered as soon as available.
If any of you have smiliar items to list here, please let me know!


The ones that were sold were a nice collection together, so will be shown for some time, to give potential collectors an idea of what is possible to collect in this area of Morgan memorabilia.

The Morgan Owners Club Australia has produced several patches over the years. The most common one is shown on the left. It is the one featuring the club logo.
This one dates from around the mid 1980s. It measures about 13cms wides and 6 cms high.
The second one commemorates the biggest Morgan meeting ever held on the Australian continent, the 2001 Morgan Muster at Bathurst. The cross section of this round badge is 7 cms.

The U.S.A.
With its large number of clubs, the USA is bound to have a good selection of patches as well.
Five of these are available here.
The first two are of the Washington based MCCDC.
The round one (section 7.5 cms/ 3") dates from about 1984, the oval one (12 x 7 cms) from before that.
The Great Lakes badge is for the club on the USA/Canada border, near Chicago, where the great lakes are; hence the name.
The triangular badge with the wings sticking out is for the New York based Morgan 3/4 Group. The 3/4 refers to the fact that the club accepts both 3- and 4-wheeler models. The greatest width is 12.5 cms (5"), the height 8 cms (3 1/4").
The last of the USA patches is more special than it looks in the picture. Of the Morgan Motor Car Club Texas patch, with the star, there are at least two versions. One has the common section size of 3", yet this one is quite large with a section of 10.5 cms (4 1/4"). This may not sound much, but in real it looks rather impressive! Its design may not be strking, its size certaiinly is.

One of the European clubs with the longest history is the Morgan Club Deutschland. With Germany in first instance being mainly a +8 market, with the years the interest in other (also historic) models grew. Nowadays it certainly has the most beautiful club magazine of all Morgan clubs worldwide, while its range of regalia has been rather varied over the years.
Above solely two examples of patches are shown. One is of the familiar "tombstone" design, of which there are also several car badges. It measures 13.5 cms wide x 6 cms high. The oval Berlin based one has a greatest width of 10 cms (4") and height of 7.5 cms (3").

Italy has had two active Morgan clubs for quite some time.
The best known one is the Morgan Club Italia, the other one the 4S Morgan Drivers, initiated by Paolo Lazarri. The 4S stands for: Sun, Sound, Sea and .....Sex!
The patch of the Morgan Club Italy has the familiar design of other club regalia. The 4S patch features a lovely lady enjoying the other 3 aspects with an S.
Both patches have a section of 8.25cms (about 3 1/4").

The mother of all Morgan clubs worldwide is of course the Morgan Sports Car Club, which started life as the Morgan 4/4 Club. In 1971 it was renamed. The patch on offer here is a high quality item in immaculate condition and is a truly sought after item by collectors. The greatest height and width are 6.5cms (just over 2 1/2") .
Unusual is the Tor Mog (High Peak centre) patch. Unlike most patches, it's neither square nor oval, or shield shaped, but a simple rectangle. It measures approximately 10 x 7.5 cms (4 x 3") and is of a simple design. One rarely comes across this patch. It's a nice one for the real keen collectors.
The last in the MSCC series is the round one of the Warwichshire shire, with the two bears as centre of attention. It measures 7.5cms (3") across.

Presented like a club, but not really a club! That's the best way to describe the Morgan Sports Car Club Poland from the 1980s. It was in fact a one-woman-club, run by the expatriate American lady Kathi Hoffman, who has since returned to Texas/Mexico.
In order to finance her Morgan activities she produced various regalia, such as car badges and patches. These date from the early 1980s. It measures 7.5 cms (3").
As there is no real club in Poland, it's not likely they will be reproduced soon.
Probably the oldest Morgan club on the European continent is the Morgan Owners Group of Sweden. They started back in 1966. This sew on badge probably dates from the late 1980s. Its greatest width is 8.5 cms (nearly 3 1/2"), its height 6 cms (almost 2 1/2"). It's a lovely item for any Morgan regalia collection.

Morgan Sports Car Club Japan
As with the car badges, the Japanese club has produced some very cute patches as well. They look simple, but are of high quality. The one looking like a grille is very unusual for a patch. It measures 7.5 cms x 5.5 cms ( 3" x 2 1/5"). It is very strong.
The other one is more conventional in looks -oval- but of equal quiality. It measures 11 x 6 cms (4 1/4"x 2 1/4"approx).

Morgan Sports Car Club Canada
Even though the Canadian club is not by far the biggest club in the world, it can be considered as one of the leading clubs, through its famous website, With such an important club, it is fitting to have a lovely set of regalia, including a very nice, high quality patch.
Its measurements are 8 cms in section.