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The persons who have a special interest in Morgan's top model of the 1960s can indulge themselves with a  high quality, full colour, photobook of the +4 Super Sports,titled Morgan +4 Super Sports at the Centenary.
Machiel Kalf's concours winning +4 Super Sports at the Centenary meeting in Cheltenham
The famous racing number of the most famous +4 Super Sports ever, the 1962 class winning car at Le Mans
It is a very limited edition book only, about as exclusive as the cars themselves. Each copy  is numbered and signed individually.
The book is hard bound, printed on glossy photopaper, counting 64 pages inside, with over 60 photographs, eleven of which several two-page spreads.
The main theme is the special +4 Super Sports display at the Morgan Centenary at Cheltenham in 2009.
Yet, in the latest print appear some extra pictures, which make the book extra interesting.
Douglas Hallawell's 1967 +4 Super Sports in very original condition drew a lot of attention.
It gives a nice overview of the different variations on the Super Sports model. As an additional bonus, several high quality photographs have been added, a few of which take us back to the 1970s!
For +4 Super Sports owners and Morgan collectors this is a must.
On the right appears a random page from the book. As it is neatly bound, it is difficult to scan individual pages. At least you can gather an impression from these images.

The book works out at EUR 90, exclusive postage & packing. Postage within the European Union is EUR 13, the rest of Europe EUR 20, while the rest of the world tariff is EUR 25.

There are a handful FRESH copies available. The books will be sold on a first come - first served basis.

Books can be ordered by writing an e-mail first to or  through the Contact Us form on this site.


One of the first persons to order a book - in the blind- ,Robert Bowie, commented:
"Hermen, wonderul graphic quality and straightforward. I do like the chassis numbers given for each car and of course our car's in the book. It's been read, shown and set in a place safe already! Thanks for doing the book."

Peter Castner, who ordered TWO copies of the book, wrote upon receiving them: "Very nice job, lots of fun to examine the photos and see the details of other's cars .Great addition(s) to my “Morgan Library”.

"Hermen, I do like your book very much. Pictures are spectacular, on a wonderfully proper paper for pictures. Thanks for the kind words in the inscription. I will always cherish this book." Tom Politiski

Hi Hermen, received your book a few days ago and have enjoyed looking through it.
It must have been quite a expensive process what with the beautiful photos.
So well done and keep in touch... Jeff Williams, New Zealand

Hallo Hermen, thank you so much! A cracking good book. Stefan Scieszka, Germany

After receiving his copy, Norwegian Morgan-collector and +4 Super Sports owner Knut Hallan commented: "
The book is very nice and a certain need for all keen Super Sports owners."

After receiving the latest version of the book in March 2012, Dutch Morgan +4 Baby Doll owner Ruud Visser commented: "Hi Hermen, the book arrived yesterday and I have been leafing through it breathlessly. What an exceptional quality of pictures and good captions. Thank you very much!"

The man appears in the Guinness Book of records for having the biggest Morgan regalia collection in the world, W. Garrett Capune, wrote: "Hi Hermen - Your book arrived . . .very nice, if I had known it was this well done I would have ordered it sooner!. The photo and paper quality is the best ever . . . :)THANKS - Garrett"
German multiple Morgan-owner Gerd Kudorfer received his copy in September 2012 and commented the following:
Dear Hermen, Last weekend I received Your Plus 4 Super Sports book, which is actually of extraordinary quality in every respect. Thank You very much! This book is a must for every Morgan Plus 4 admirer and collector. It will form an  important part of my  "Morgan library".