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Pablo Gonzalez Sada, Monterrey, Mexico

Morgans and their aficionados turn up in the most unlikely places. What about a three-wheeler and its enthusiastic owner in Mexico? There cannot be too many of them in the wild around there. Will Pablo become as famous as the well known "Mexican" animation figure Speedy Gonzales? Let Pablo share his own account with us:

I have been attending the Monterey Historic races since 1984. Several three wheelers were racing every year, and it ended up being one of my bucket list items to have.

I bought my Morgan in Florida back in 1992 from an ad in Hemmings Motor News.

The story found on my car is short. I only have some pictures from early 1960´s with Mr. Huguenin from Ohio owned the car. No history before that.

After I acquired it, I tried to import the car into Mexico as a used motorcycle. At that time, there was no used car importation permits, and it did not have four wheels. Since it had a steering wheel, it could not be a motorcycle. Therefore, it was impossible to import it!

I had the car for some time in San Antonio, Texas, and never used it. Then started a painstaking restoration process.There were endless stories about each piece in the car. The engine was opened only three times, always something wrong. Alamo Sports Cars started in 1994 and finally road tested it in 2005. Only eleven years to get it running!

The original headlights were lost in the process... Instead I bought some period Marchal fog lights, and converted to two beam lights.Yes, to purists this is a sin, but I have to confess it already.

After that long wait, importation rules changed and I could bring my car into Mexico.

This is my first and only Morgan. It led me to meet really nice Morganists all over. Whenever I needed help, someone was there to help.The "romance" of having a Morgan, and even more, restoring it and driving, gives me tremendous pleasure.

Several years ago, attending one of the Monterey Historic races in California, where I raced my Stanguellini Formula Junior (recently stolen) I had the pleasure to drive a Morgan Aero 8 for a whole week. This car belongs to a very close friend who were not attending the event, and my arm was twisted to enjoy it for the whole week. Only 500 miles were driven.

On top of being a beautiful and incredible performance car, it being an ex New York show car with Ostrich leather, makes it not just another car!!

The "Charisma" of a Morgan, is something very few cars can provide.

The three wheeler is not just another Morgan, its a unique car with its own heart!!

Andale, Andale, Arriba, Arriba, Morgan Gonzalez!!

As an addendum, Pablo has a second Morgan, looking like the first, solely a bit smaller.
Also this one has its own story:

I have a model maker, who built me a plastic model I purchased years ago. He built the JAP engine, exhaust and interior from pictures I gave him.He never saw the real one. Waiting a year and a half paid up greatly.Now I have two three wheelers, one of which does not mark territory!


On the 30th of June, 2012, Pablo Gonzalez Sada sadly passed away in a plane crash. The twin-engine aircraft he was in was flying low and crashed in La Huasteca Park in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, the biggest city in northern Mexico.

Preliminary reports indicate that the aircraft crashed after flying into power lines, the officials said. Gonzalez Sada was chief operations officer of textile products and packaging for the Cydsa group and a member of it board of directors, and was also on the board of the Vitro group. He was one of the major businessmen of his area.