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Personalised Morgan presents

If you know someone who is keen on Morgan, be it your (girl) friend, husband, wife, relative or anybody else and you who want to give him/her/them a special present which nobody else is bound to have, just drop your wish here!

Morgan presents come in all kinds of forms, shapes, sizes and prices.

Be it for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding, a graduation or whatever nice excuse you may think of, a present connected with Morgan will last much longer than a bunch of lovely flowers and will be remembered forever.

Anything is possible, varying from a "virtual tour through The Factory", a nice album about a particular Morgan, or about a type of Morgan one is longing for/ remembering from long ago (for instance a cute three-wheeler), etc. to whetting the appetite of the person in question to purchase the model YOU like by presenting a nice set of neatly arranged pictures with background information.

Those of you who are particularly keen on the Morgan +4 Super Sports model are still able to order a copy of the limited edition, high quality photobook about this model, showing the best selection ever of this model together at one place. Yet, you will have to be VERY QUICK, as solely two copies are left when this is written.

To add your own personal touch, include something of/about yourself as well!

Of course if you know that a person is looking for a particular (literature) item connected with Morgan, just let me know.

You can have a look in the Morgan Books and Regalia chapter of the site, where all kinds of items are offered for sale. However many items of interest don't even appear there, as people drop their "wanted" list with me and the items change owners quickly, without appearing on my site!

In addition, chances are that in my extensive spare collection I have just the item you need and something special can be made by means of that too!

Just drop me a line through the form on the Contact Us page and the ball starts rolling!