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Morgan personalities

In this chaptPeter Morgan in his familiar office at The Factory, where he spent so many years of his life.  This picture was taken shortly before his passing by American Morgan owner Jim Morgan personalities from all over the world and in all kinds of gradations describe their personal experiences with Morgans, from their viewpoint. Some have been at it for a long time, others are relative "newbies", which makes for an interesting mix of stories.

I hope this chapter will give the readers another insight into the world of Morgan.

The major Morgan personality is of course Peter Morgan,who was loved by many. His warm personality and genuine interest surprised everyone who had the pleasure to know him in person.

In his younger years he participated rather successfully quite a lot in different forms of competition in the products of his own company.

Even though he had two hips replaced when he was well into his 70s, he kept on driving Morgans virtually until the day he left us.

On September the 14th, 2003 the 35th anniversary of the +8, Peter's brain child, was celebrated.

He drove up Prescott Hill in anger in his own +8, AB 16, that day.

His familiar, cosy, office remained intact more or less as he left it, until November 2010. A glass door had been installed instead of the wooden one, so that visitors could have a peek inside.

In late 2010 his office was needed, due to the expansion elsewhere. Yet, Morgan wouldn't be Morgan if the memory to the "Gov'nor" wouldn't be kept alive. The office was taken down with the utmost care, with archivist Martyn Webb recording every detail, in order to be able to reconstruct the office with the same materials in the Visitor Centre at a later date.

In the pages that follow the people appearing there, relate THEIR OWN high points and experiences in THEIR OWN words. The  pictures are theirs as well and the views expressed need not coincide with mine. These pages are BY Morgan people FOR Morgan people.

The different persons appear in alphabetical sequence, NOT in any other sequence one can think of. Each Morgan addict has his/her own line of interest, his/her own views, his/her own experiences and wishes. None of these is deemed of more importance and/or interest than others. It just goes to show how different people who share a hobby can be!

Anyone else, who would like to share his/her experiences and/or pictures with the readers is more than welcome to drop me a line.