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A man with a long, colourful Morgan history is Philip Houha, who currently lives near Denver, Colorado, USA. He was infected by the Morgan virus at a very early age. He was born in the same year that his father acquired the Morgan which Philip still owns, the 1955 twin-spare +4 2-seater. That was back in 1958. In 1976 the car was his and since then many Morgan adventures have followed. Philip recalls some of them below.

What raised your interest in Morgans and when was this?

I was fortunate enough to be born into a Morgan family. I resurrected my Dad's car, my first Morgan a 1955 +4  twin Spare (#3360 the last twin spare despatched), starting in 1976 and drove off to University in 1979.

Which Morgans you have owned over the years?
Starting with the 1955 Plus 4, I followed up with a basket case 1957 bustle back that I sold down the road, then a 1963 Plus 4 DHC which now resides in New Jersey, A 1967 Plus 4 four seater that went off to the UK, a 1934 F-4 that is undergoing restoration, Vic Hyde's former F-Super (still in bits), a 1964 Plus 4 four seater that is under restoration by it's new owner, a 1961 RHD 4/4 which is in the garge now, a 2005 Aero 8 that is a true joy to drive, a 2007 Aero 8 that now lives in North Carolina.

What gives you the most pleasure of the Morgan hobby?
I really enjoy the camaraderie of the Morgan faithful and the driving of all types of Morgan cars.

How has your involvement with Morgan developed?
Istarted out as a poor student with a pile of parts. Then I became the driver of a beater of a car which had a long list of ills and deficiencies (but it still was the coolest car around in my eyes).

Gradually I could afford to fix many of the ills over the years. All of this contributed to my technical learning curve on metal work, wood work, mechanics, electrical. When I started attending the MOG meetings in the 1990's put on by the MOG of Washington DC, I discovered the fun of rallies, Gymkhanas and Noggins. At the MOGs I met folks with names like Sheally, Fink, Wilburn, Knight, Sisson, Beers, Lipsky, Morgan, Rutter, Willoughby, and many more. They had impressive Morgan backgrounds and loads of helpful advice as how to better my car (so I wouldn't kill myself or them).

I moved from Florida out to Colorado in 1997 and started driving in real mountains and became involved with the general British car scene. In 2003 I was approached by a new Morgan dealer in Colorado, Morgan of the Rockies. The owner found me to be knowledgeable about Morgans and took me on as the sales manager and eventually service manager. When the traditional Morgans went away from the USA
in 2006 so did the Morgan of the Rockies shop.

I open
ed Colorado Morgan & Sports Cars, LLC near Denver in 2007 and have been building the business ever since.We enjoy the best roads in the world for sports cars in the Rocky Mountains, where we enjoy rallies and tours starting in the Spring and ending late in the Fall. Put your car in good condition and come drive with us.

What do you consider to be your personal high point with regard to Morgan?

In 1982 as a young high school teacher I traveled to the UK and Europe with my motor-head cousin and we spent a few days in Malvern. We bought some raincoats at a gas station on the Worcester Road, which I found out later was the original Morgan Factory.

After lunch we toured the Morgan Motor Company  and Peter Morgan invited us into his office for a chat. A later high point was to be named as a dealer for this great marque.

Right: a youngish Philip together with the man who has been an example to many Morgan enthusiasts worldwide, the late Peter Morgan. The office was emptied in 2010, but every item carefully preserved.