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Plus 4 Sport

Embarking upon the commercial success of the other recent "trads", the 4/4 Sport and the Roadster Sport, the Morgan Motor Company announced the latest version of this cheaper model at the end of 2010: the 2-litre Ford engined Plus 4 Sport.

Barely ready, the new Plus 4 Sport was on display at the Visitor's Centre at the Morgan Factory.Few models before the +4 Sport will have had such good all round visibility.Akin to the others, the rear panel features a Morgan wings badge instead of a cut out for the spare wheel. This gives the model a very smooth look, while with the current tyre techniques and road surfaces a spare wheel is hardly necessary nowadays. Morgan no longer needs to prove its reliability in trials, as it did in early years, while competing in production Morgans is hardly considered nowadays. Therefore, who needs a spare tyre??

The range of available Morgan models has become rather extensive now. Of all "trad" 2-seater models, there's a normal and a Sports version,while the Plus 4 and Roadster have a 4-seater variety too!

Early November 2010, the Plus 4 Sport had just been taken into full production and was on display in the Visitor's Centre.

Part of the Morgan/Hornsleth trailer, which participated in the 2010 Lord Mayor's parade.
Note its
neat appearance, large rear window, the upturned license plate holder (for better ground clearance) and the quick release filler cap. This filler cap was first fitted to the Le Mans 62 models and has remained popular since.

Different in comparison with earlier models are the round reflectors, instead of rectangled ones, slighly off set under the indicators.

The Plus 4 Sport model received some extra publicity in the second weekend of November 2010, when it participated in the Lord Mayor;s Parade in London.

A special MMC trailer was prepared, on which the Plus 4 was transported and which housed the MMC display.

Quite a number of Morgan employees enjoyed an outing to London, as they were selected to be part of the promotion team.

During the parade, which was watched by a large number of people and got good TV coverage, artist Kristian Hornsleth painted this white Morgan in a quite striking mix of colours. A special series of 10 similar painted cars became available for interested customers.

Without doubt the Plus 4 Sport will prove to be a popular model, as it unites all the necessary Morgan qualities: good looks, light weight, powerful engine.