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Plus 8, 1984 - 2004

The prototype +8 with wire wheels. It was used as road test car for several magazines.
Apart from the first prototype Plus 8, which was in fact an upgraded +4, no Plus 8 left The Factory equipped with wire wheels. It wasn't until in the 1990s that Morgan started experimenting with this.

Charles Morgan's personal car of that time, J 712 BUY, did carry out this experiment. After this was found to be satisfactory, the customer cars as an option could be fitted with wire wheels too.

Engine development continued with Rover. Therefore, the Plus 8 followed suit. In 1984 there were still 2 versions. One was the conventional 3.5 litre engine with carburettors, while the novelty was the fuel-injected one, simply known as +8 PI. As time wore on, the 3.5 PI engine became the standard.

This engine, in turn was succeeded by the 3.9 litre (Range) Rover one. It would (with some modifications; hence it got known as 4.0 litre) last until the end of the production line of the +8, in 2004.

With the progress of time, Morgan owners in general increased in age, weight and their muscles got less supple to get in and out of the car. Morgan's reply to that was the "long door" model. The prototype is shown here. Obvious differences are its different headlights and lower windscreen.

The prototype "long door" +8, in front of the Despatch Bay at The Factory. It was about to set off with its new owner to Norway, in July 2001.
This prototype appeared in several different forms, but the main progress gained from it was the roomier seating compartment.

Around the change of the millennium, a bigger engined +8, 4.6 litre was available. It was built alongside the 3.9 and over 300 were sold.
A 35th Anniversary model. Just over 100 of these were made.
In 2003 the 35th anniversary of the +8 was celebrated with a hill climb on Prescott. A large number of +8s through the ages attended. Peter Morgan, the initiator of the +8, also participated in the hill climb, 83 years of age. This sadly was his last official act in a Morgan, as he passed away a few weeks later.

To honour this long uninterrupted production run of the +8, a special mode, the 35th Anniversary model, became available. This featured, amongst other things as standard stainless steel wire wheels and over riders, no numpers, a mesh grille, walnut dash and a Le Mans style gearknob. The engine specifications were the same as for the standard models.

After some 6000 cars had been built, the +8 ceased production in 2004.