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Plus Eight Exotics

Even on the +8 chassis there are some varieties that had only a limited production run. The earliest one of these was the +8 Sports Lightweight, which was the first +8 with an aluminum The first example of the 19 +8 Sports Lightweights ever built, turned up in New Zealand, after many years "in hiding".body as standard. This model saw a limited production run of 19. They were equipped with the same 14" wheels that would later become standard on the Plus 8, except that here they were painted black.

Many of these cars still survive. After a long time in hiding, the first car of the model, the 1975 Earls Court Motor Show car, turned up in New Zealand. It has been acquired by a Dutch enthusiast.

The car only just escaped the 2011 earthquake in New Zealand. This destroyed the garage where it had been for sale!

It made its first appearance at a meeting of the Morgan Sports Car Club Holland on the 1st of May 2011.

A real exotic was the +8 Drophead Coupé, which was built for Jane Morgan, Charles Morgan's mother. This was built in 1970 and was at the same time the only Plus 8 with automatic gearbox. The car remained a Works car ever since and was updated several times, after accidents. The original color was dark brown.

You can see it elsewhere on this website in its original livery.

The Factory +8 Drophead Coupé after it had recieved post 1983 15"wheels and an aluminium bumper. The picture was taken in the Reapir Bay. The last few years the car has been on display in the small "museum" at the top of the Factory bays, where the stores used to be.
Here it is shown in its 1999 guise, with two tone blue bodywork, wider wings and second generation 15" wheels. The personalised number plate was also acquired at a later stage.
Peter Morgan also used the car regularly in his last years, as he had undergone two hip operations, and the Drophead Coupé was easier to get into and out of than his usual +8 mount.

Now the car is on permanent display at The Factory and is used for events, like The Centenary.

Other exotics on basis of the +8 chassis were a +8 4-seater, built for agent Eric White, and the "Traco" +8, intended to race at Le Mans. This never happened. That car has a separate page devoted to it in the Competition chapter.

Of the +8 Drophead Coupé and the +8 4-seater, copies were made by Morgan specialists. There is even a 4-seater Drophead Coupé on a +8 chassis!