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Plus Eight Specials

When the end of the production line of the Plus 8 was almost in sight, the Morgan Motor Company introduced a model, which celebrated 40 years of the Le Mans class win in 1962. Not surprisingly, the model was named Le Mans 62. When introduced to the dealers in May 2002, the cars sold out in a few days!
The prototype Le Mans 62 +8 was shown to the Morgan dealers during Dealers Day in May 2002.
There were 80 production cars, 40 4/4s and 40 +8s. The contradiction was that the +8 did not exist back in 1962, while a +4, rather than a 4/4 scored the class win! But then, who cares?

The Le Mans 62 cars were easily identifiable externally by amongst others the Le Mans Green paint job, combined with Ivory hard top, a single door handle on the driver's side, Le Mans fuel filler cap, overriders instead of bumpers.

Some other features were Le Mans 62 footwell mats, old style cream instruments with Le Mans 62 script, performance exhausts, undertrays front and rear, upturned number plates, Le Mans 62 script badge on the rear and an individually numbered St Christopher badge on the wooden dashboard.

Despite dating from 2002, the model soon got collectors' car status and a separate register caring for the cars, issuing its own newsletter and organising occasional meetings. It can be found at

The Centenary meeting at Cheltenham was also a special occasion for the Le Mans 62 Register. Alongside the +4 Super Sports display, a good selection of different Le Mans 62 models was lined up.

For a while they were also accompanied by the car that inspired the birth of this model: TOK 258.

One of the Le Mans 62s in the Centenary displayFour hard tops in  a row, the first being of Keith Ahlers' TOK 258, the next three being Le Mans 62 cars. Note the difference in hard tops.