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Morgan +4 Super Sports

Probably the most sought after Morgan four-wheeler nowadays is the +4 Super Sports. A rare car in its own day, it has become even more desirable by  a lot of myths that surround it and also the classic car hype in general. Compared with -say- a Ferrari it still is a relatively cheap way of owning a special car, which is able to compete well on both road (rallies) and track.
In general, though Morgan had ALWAYS exceptions, the specifications that made a +4 Super Sports stand out from an "ordinary" +4 were:
  • aluminium body
  • scoop in the bonnet
  • Lawrencetune engine with twin Weber carburettors
  • oil cooler


There were two versions of the the two-seater in body style: the high body and the low body.

The first -most early examples- used the higher +4 bodies, while the second used the lower 4/4 bodies.


The biggest achievement for which a +4 Super Sports will be remembered is the class win in the 1962 Le Mans 24 Hours race, with Chris Lawrence and Richard Shepherd-Barron as co-drivers.


It is NOT true that the +4 Super Sports model was introduced after that event.


Back in 2009 the Morgan Motor Company celebrated the Centenary of the Morgan car. Part of these celebrations was a selection of the surviving examples of this rare model.
No less than 11 cars turned up, which was a good score, considering that the majority reside in the USA. One actually had crossed the Atlantic, while the furthest traveled one came all the way from New Zealand!
Of the large number of pictures available, a few were selected to show with this page. Have a look!
A lot more pictures were shown in a glossy photobook devoted to these rare beasts, titled "Morgan +4 Super Sports at the Morgan Centenary". With a little luck the last one or two copies might still be available when you read this.
Please enquire if you are interested. This high quality book is even rarer than the cars themselves are!

An e-mail to is sufficient to find out if you can still get one.