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Morgan regalia For Sale or Wanted

Many people collect all kinds of Morgan memorabilia. This can vary from books to sales brochures, from car badges to pins, from dash plaques to key fobs, from scale models to adverts, anything connected with the beloved Morgan car, apart from the cars themselves. Of course there are sites where people offer these kinds of things. These are offered in the form of auctions, or a fixed price. The time of running an advert in general is limited.
Instead this service is meant for Morgan addicts only. It couples people who have regalia items to spare to people who are looking for them and vice versa.
The advert will remain in place until
  • the item has been sold/found, or
  • a maxmimum of three candidates have been forwarded but not reached an agreement, or
  • the person has lost hope in selling/finding it.

A maximum period -unless renewed- of three months per item applies.

Several items that were wanted have been found and likewise items that were for sale have found a new home.

Why not try YOUR LUCKas well!


You may also use this page if you have been looking for that specific part to give your Morgan that finishing touch, or if you have parts that you no longer need, but which may be very welcome with fellow Morgan people. In either case, provide a decription which is as accurate as possible, along with a picture of the part you are looking for, or want to sell.


For  sale:



Artist Neil Martin is available to paint a commission painting of your car.

I need a good quality image from you and then I would discuss the size of the painting, the style and the composition with you and then a painting in acrylic on a deep-edge canvas, ready to hang, or on a thin-egde canvas board that is suitable for framingwould be produced.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required before your commission painting is undertaken. Payment can be made via paypal to:

I will e-mail you regular up-date photographs of your painting, so that you can see the day-to-day progress of the painting.


Please e-mail your commission requirements to me at:


Equally for people who have visited the Morgan Factory and want to reminisce or for people who recently visited the Facory and want to compare it with images of olde, Neil Miller's book provides lovely views time and again.

Once you think you have seen all the images from every angle and open the book once more, you still are in for surprises. In other words, this is a book which may not fail on the bookshelf of any Morgan addict.

Ordering a copy here will mean that it will be signed and dedicated to you. Each copy costs EUR 42, p&p worlwide is EUR 13.






Get your treasured pictures in fine condition again, ready for framing, use in a book or whatever you intend to do with them

Have a look at what results from a seemingly hopeless picture!

Morgan collector Michael Schreiber had a picture retouched by this artist and his reaction was: She has really made a good job and definitely is my number one if I want more pictures retouched in the future!!

Try it out for yourself and find out how pleased you will be.

A recently discovered item is a DVD made of an old film about the first major Morgan meeting, MOG 80, and the unique channel crossing on the way to this event, by means of Hovercraft, where 55 Morgans from all over Europe participated.

The ride from Dover to the event is shown in all its glory. At Goodwood the sprint events for both three- and four-wheelers receive good coverage, while the preparation of the cars for the concours is shown, the concours itself, (trade) stands.

In brief, this 15 minutes film is a very nice flash back to the past and the early days of big Morgan events.
It is well worth having and viewing it every now and then.

The video costs EUR 20 exclusive postage. In The Netherlands postage is EUR 2, in Europe EUR 4, outside Europe EUR 6.

Information about items you want to advertise, or any items which appear here can be shared by sending an e-mail to: 

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