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Robert Couch, Morgan Restorer
(20 August 1950 - 5 June 2010)

One very significant Morgan personality and pioneer in his own field is no longer among us. After several severe illnesses, he finally left us on the 5th of June 2010, at the young age of 59. Yet he did leave his mark in the Morgan community. I will touch some highlights of this.

Bob's first involvement with Morgan cars happened in 1977 when he was approached by a man named Jack Artley. Jack was looking for some interesting cars to add to his collection and wanted him to have a look around in England. This job was accepted and while in England, Bob came across a Morgan with very interesting history, a TT Replica, known by its registration number CAB 652. Peter Morgan also had campaigned this car in his young days.

A deal was struck, the car was shipped to the USA and Bob embarked on a meticulous restoration job for this car. This was completed in the spring of 1980. The outcome was fabulous! Jack was invited to participate in the Chinetti concours at Lime Rock Track. Its Morgan TT Replica CAB 652 at Lime Rock Park in 1980. Photo Klaus Spangenbergopposition came from high class (and high $$) cars, like Ferrari, Porsche and others.

The famous racing driver René Dreyfus of Bugatti fame had the major task to decide on the overall winner. Only a Porsche and the Morgan remained. The Porsche owner had done no homework at all and admitted that the car to him was an investment. Yet, both Bob and Jack were able to tell enthusiastic tales about the Morgan and its history, so the little car carried away the OVERALL prize.

The accompanying photograph was taken at Lime Rock Park by former German Morgan owner, the late Klaus Spangenberg.

The car was featured in "Salon" in the August 1980 issue of the major American car magazine Road & Track, which is a honor in itself. Also in Automobile Quarterly Vol.30, No. 2 the car appeared with two pictures, which proves its historic importance.

John Artley also passed away in the meantime and the TT Replica returned to England in 2010. It's now in the hands of a well respected English Morgan collector.

Bob Couch had made his name with the restoration of this historically significant Morgan and many others would follow over the years. His working standards were very high and this was of course appreciated by his customers. Without exception they ended up with a beautiful Morgan once he had taken on the job of restoring it.

Bob also was a pioneer in another field with Morgans. He created the first detailed parts catalogue for Morgan, which was one of the mainstays of his business. The catalogue, first printed in 1984, was aimed at the Morgan +4 from 1950 - 1968. This after all was the model which sold best in the USA. The catalogue contains exploded views of many different parts. As an example, a page with exploded views of a Weber carburettor will be shown. This catalogue long was an important reference in the spares department of the Morgan Morgan Company itself.
The cover of Bob Couch Morgan spares catalogue, long time a standard workVery detailed drawing of a 42mm Weber carburettor, as fitted to the Morgan +4 Super Sports
This is yet another proof of Bob's high standards of knowledge.

Later, a similar porject was taken on by Melvyn Rutter, who produced his own Morgan parts catalogue, aimed at all Morgan four-wheelers.

After selling Morgan Spares Ltd. to Larry and Linda Eckler, Bob went into semi-retirement, but kept working on Morgans.

The Ecklers keep Bob Couch's spirits alive in their Morgan agency, which also has brought various significant Morgan restoration-projects to a good end.

Bob will always be remembered in the Morgan-community as a person who achieved goals not met previously.

May he rest in peace.